10 Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

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10 Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Inspire a Love of Gardening in Your Nature-Loving Friends with these Gift Ideas

If you have a nature lover on your gift list, this will be the easiest, most unique gift you’ll purchase. Some of these suggestions are for use in the backyard, while others are for outdoor activities away from home. Read on to discover our top gift ideas for nature lovers.

1. Seed Starter Kit.

This past year, many people returned to gardening. The motivation may have been food security, but many people found a new love of gardening. If your nature lover is also a gardener, they will love having the ability to start their seeds indoors. Seed starter kits come with everything needed to successfully start plants from seeds.

2. Seeds.

Why not gift seeds to your nature lover? How about gifting seeds for milkweed, an essential plant for the survival of the Monarch butterfly? Choose heirloom vegetable seeds or wildflower seeds that are ethically and sustainably harvested. Another good choice are seeds for plants that will attract pollinators or hummingbirds.s.

3. Bird House.

Nature lovers are sure to love a garden bird house. Attracting birds to the yard is important to add to the beauty and to lower the insect pests. Birds eat an incredible number of insects each day and even more if they are feeding a family. The size and shape of the birdhouse will determine which type of bird will want to live there. The size of the entrance is also a factor. Smaller birds generally prefer a smaller entrance hole, which provides some protection against predators.

4. Bird Feeders.

There are several options of feeders. There are feeders that are refillable and feeders that are completely edible and a single-use. The advantage of the single-use bird feeder is they are usually decorative. For instance, the feeder may be in the shape of a snowman or an Easter Bunny. There are also feeders for hummingbirds and orioles that require a sugar solution to fill them.

5. Shade Hat.

Protection from the sun is important, especially if a lot of time is spent outdoors. The hat should have a wide brim that will shade the face and ears. It should also shade the back of the neck. Lots of bikers and hikers prefer the baseball style hat with a larger brim and a “curtain” that can be attached to cover the sides and back of the person’s head and neck. This is great for the gardener or when mowing the lawn, as well as for recreational outdoor activities.

6. Quality Skin Products.

A gift pack of skin products, including a high-quality sunscreen and lip balm, is a great gift for the nature lover who spends a lot of time outdoors. Wearing sunscreen every day is essential for someone who spends the majority of their time outside.

7. Hiking Poles.

For nature lovers that like to hike, hiking poles are used to help on rougher trails and when the ground is wet or slippery. They usually come with attachments, so that the bottom of the pole can have a rubber surface or a spike that will enter the ground for stability.

8. Hammock.

This year, most of us are staying home the majority of the time. The nature lover on your gift list would love a great hammock to enjoy in their own backyard. While the traditional hammock was tied between two trees, today, they also come with a free-standing frame that can be moved to any location in the yard.

9. Trail Camera.

This makes such a fun gift! Ever wonder what is out in your yard at night? Set up a trail camera and find out. Make sure the camera has low light functioning to use at night. It can include a motion detector to activate the camera. This has an added advantage for the gardener who has some kind of critter eating the flowers or vegetables. Identifying what animal is enjoying a gourmet meal each night will make it easier to control.

10. Binoculars.

A good set of binoculars is a welcome gift for any nature lover–whether in their own backyard or out on a trail. The trick is to get a great view without scaring away the animal, bird or insect. Binoculars will let that be possible.

When selecting a gift, think about what the person likes to do outdoors and what would help them enjoy it more. From bird watchers to butterfly lovers, Park Seed offers great gifts for the wildlife lover on your list.