Garden Starter Kits

Garden Starter Kits
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Garden Starter Kits

Garden Starter Kits

Park's Bio Dome for Beginners Collection

The perfect gift for the new gardener! This Bio Dome collection includes everything you need to have a successful indoor growing experience.

Park's Ultimate Vegetable Garden

Issued to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Park Seed Company, this collection is the most economical we have ever offered. You get 8 of the best vegetable varieties, specially chosen for their ease of growth and big yields (not to mention flavor!).

Park's Ultimate Flower Garden

You get 8 of the best and most beloved flowering varieties, specially chosen for their ease of growth and beautiful blooms. And you can re-use the Bio Dome endlessly, simply replacing the Bio Sponges in which the seedlings are grown.

Italian Herb Seeds Collection

This collection contains 6 packets of the most essential herb seeds for Mediterranean cuisine, packaged together at a great price.

Park's Exclusive Tomato Collection

How to choose among the dozens and dozens of tomato varieties out there? When in doubt, always go for quality -- and that would mean the 4 varieties in this premier collection! For one low price, you get all the tomatoes (and more) a family would need for a huge harvest of the very best beefsteak, slicer, vine-ripened, and cherry types!

Park's Double 120-cell Bio Dome

Start 120 of the healthiest, best-rooted seedlings you'll ever grow in this new DOUBLE Bio Dome!

Park's Picks Zinnia Seeds Collection

The brightest and best large-flowered Zinnias we know for the garden, bar none! This collection offers 1 packet each of the 7 individual Park's Picks Zinnia colors.

Park's Lavender Seed Collection

If you are like us, there is never enough lavender growing in the garden, even at the height of its season! Well, this collection just may satisfy those cravings for new and distinctive types of this fragrant herb.

Park's Top Coneflower Collection

No garden ever has enough coneflowers, but yours can come close this season with our economical collection of the very best varieties! This collection is the best way we know to get your sunny borders off to an incredible start! Whether you like giant daisies, fragrance, or all the latest colors, you'll find something to delight you in this mix of 4 high-performing varieties!

Root Vegetables Seed Tape Collection

Root vegetables are just made for designing elegant parterres or nice straight rows, and with this seed tape collection, you can grow carrots, beets, and radishes in fancy designs -- that you create in seconds!