Park's Guide to Cherry Tomatoes

Park's Guide to Cherry Tomatoes
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Park's Guide to Cherry Tomatoes

Different Kinds of Cherry Tomatoes to Grow

Nature's perfect snack for a hungry gardener is also a bite-sized treat for salads and garnishes. Cherry tomatoes are small, round fruits that can be eaten whole in one bite, though they vary in size from the teensy Red Currant cherry tomato to the generous Golden Gem. Most varieties are very heavy-bearing, with dozens upon dozens of fruit in long, grape-like clusters. We offer organic and heirloom types as well as modern hybrids, and a few are available as plants. Look for extra-sweet types for delicious fresh eating!

Tomato Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid
Sweet, Crack-Free, and SO Abundant! 65 days. The sweetest, most delicious Cherry yet, with HUGE yields on SHORT-INTERNODE plants just 3 to 5 feet high! These plants yield 2 pounds of fruit every week at the peak of the season! Attractive ½- to 1-oz. fruits.

Tomato Marcellino Hybrid
Stays Fresh Up to a Month After Picking! 73 days. DETERMINATE; upright habit. No other Tomato in the world can equal the staying power of this delectable Cherry! Its 1-inch fruit, arising in big clusters of 20 to 25, keeps its firm texture and fresh flavor for up to a MONTH after ripening! Crack resistant and packed with rich Tomato taste, these little fruits hold their own despite summer heat and humidity. Never waste another Tomato again! Plant is 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide.

Tomato Supersweet 100 Hybrid
65 days. Supercedes Sweet 100 for its extra sweetness and disease resistance. Same great flavor and amazingly high yields of the sweetest 1-inch fruits with higher Vitamin C content than any other tomato.

Tomato Sweet Million Hybrid
A Park High Performer®. 65 days. Large clusters of smooth, red, 1- to 1 ½-inch fruit on vigorous plants. Sweet Million produces throughout summer, to the delight of kids of all ages.

Tomato Red Currant
Teeny-Tiny Fruit, Big Robust Taste! 65-70 days. This South American tomato might just be a novelty if its miniature fruits were as bland as many cherry tomatoes are -- but instead, they boast a rich, tart, tangy bite worthy of fruit 10 times their size! Set in enormous bunches all over very heavy-bearing plants, Red Currant packs an incredible amount of flavor into a space so small you could fit 4 or more fruits onto a dime. You must try this exciting Tomato!

Tomato Golden Gem Hybrid
A Chinese Cherry with Unique Flavor! 65 days. Huge clusters of 20 to 70 golden fruit, round to globe-shaped and very crack resistant, arise on this heavy-yielding plant from China. The sugar content of 10% makes this one of the sweetest cherries, yet the flavor also combines a rich, fruity bite that is unique and delicious. A strong producer all season long.

Tomato Tumbling Tom
Looks as Good as it Tastes! 70 days. This weeping-form Tomato trails up to 2 feet from hanging baskets, every inch studded with 1- to 2-inch fruit! A very heavy producer with good branching, it’s perfect for patio, deck, and the space-saving veggie garden!

Tomato Chocolate Cherry
70 days from setting out transplants. Indeterminate. Chocolate Cherry is so much more than a pretty face! These 1-inch beauties boast the most flavorful tomato tang in the family, from their delicious thin skins to their combinations of gels and solids, sweets and meats, in every bite.

Tomato Mosaico Hybrid
60 days. This Italian cherry tomato takes "plate appeal" to new heights with herringbone-clusters of tiny, perfectly round fruit, 1/2 to 3/4 ounces each. As they mature, the tomatoes turn from green to yellow to orange to red, beginning at one end of the cluster and continuing on, so that all colors are present at once for a grand mosaic of glittering beauty!

Tomato Cherry Sweetie Organic
65 to 70 days. At last, a Certified Organic, open-pollinated alternative to the popular grape Tomato Sweet Million! Cherry Sweetie has a super-high sugar content and firm texture. It sets masses of grape-shaped fruit in large clusters that keep coming all summer long.