Park's Guide to Early Season Tomatoes

Park's Guide to Early Season Tomatoes
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Park's Guide to Early Season Tomatoes

Two Kinds of Tomatoes that Ripen Fast

Whether you have a short growing season or simply want to begin tomato season a few weeks early, these fast-ripening varieties are your best bet for quickest to harvest. Typically they are ready to pick within 4 months of sowing the seed.

Tomato Early Girl Hybrid
57 days. Our earliest slicing tomato! Vigorous plants yield a prolific crop of 4- to 6-ounce globe-shaped fruits all summer. Rich red, smooth-skinned, and delicious, Early Girl is a reliable favorite!

Tomato Park's Early Challenge Hybrid
A Park Exclusive! 63 days. Tops in flavor and dependable early fruit set! Tall, vigorous plants set fruit uniformly, with no green shoulders. The attractive globe-shaped tomatoes, 4 to 4┬Ż ounces, hold well and become more tasty with maturity!