Park's Guide to Grape Tomatoes

Park's Guide to Grape Tomatoes
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Park's Guide to Grape Tomatoes

Park's Guide to Grape Tomatoes

A stylish alternative to cherry tomatoes is grape, which differ only in shape. They range from pointy, teardrop-shaped Sugary to oblong Juliet, and arise in huge clusters on very heavy-yielding plants. For fresh garden snacking, you just can't beat these sweet tomatoes!

Grape Tomato Juliet Hybrid
1999 AAS Winner. 60 days. You're in for a treat! Heavy yields of sweet, true red, 1-ounce fruits are produced in clusters. Best of all is their crack resistance; skin remains attractive and glossy longer on the plant!

Tomato Red Grape Hybrid
60 days. With multiple disease resistances and great heat tolerance, this would be a fine tomato to grow. But add in its super-sweet flavor and baby grape size and it becomes a must-have! Bright red, glossy, firm fruit matures in clusters of about 2 dozen on plants resistant to late blight, cracking, and leaf spot virus. A good choice for beginning gardeners and children for its ease of care, but irresistible to seasoned garden pros, too!

Grape Tomato Sugary
2005 AAS Winner. 60 days. Scoring 9.5 on the Brix scale, this is by far the sweetest Cherry yet. And they arise in huge clusters on vining plants so vigorous, you may have to cut them back in midseason! Super flavor and nonstop yields make this a "gimme"!

Grape Tomato Ildi
53 days. The earliest, highest-yielding grape tomato in our trials is also the most attractive and delicious! It's sweet with a tart underbite -- satisfying in salads or straight from the vine! Globe-shaped fruits mature quickly and are borne in huge clusters. They have great staying power on the vine or after picking, lasting for weeks without losing taste! 5- to 6-foot vines, 16 to 24 inches wide, set fruit early.

Grape Tomato Cupid Hybrid
65 days. We were blown away by the taste of this hybrid! 1-inch fruits resist cracking, hold up well after harvest, and delight with a sweet (8.2 BRIX) flavor!