Park's Guide to Main Season Tomatoes

Park's Guide to Main Season Tomatoes
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Park's Guide to Main Season Tomatoes

Main Season Tomatoes Include some of the Tastiest and Most Distinctive Varieties

A main season tomato is one that isn't exceptionally early or exceptionally late. Generally, main season types are ready to harvest anywhere from 4┬Ż to 5 months from the date you sow the seed. Most tomatoes are main season, including organic, heirloom, and cherry types.

Tomato Better Boy Hybrid
AAS Winner. 70 days. Excellent yield of large fruits, 10 ounces and higher, with classic flavor.

Tomato Beefmaster Hybrid
80 days. A mouth-watering, giant red tomato. Beefmaster yields unbelievable quantities of delicious Beefsteak-type tomatoes, up to 2 pounds apiece.

Tomato Big Beef Hybrid
AAS Winner. 73 days. With earlier maturity and superior disease tolerance, this Beefsteak-type bears at least double the number of large, 9- to 12-ounce, meaty, fruits of other varieties.

Tomato Celebrity Hybrid
AAS Winner. 70 days. DETERMINATE. Strong plants produce a bounty of 8-ounce, firm fruits that resist cracking. An old favorite!

Tomato Primetime Hybrid
Grow the Last Tomato of the Season! 84 days. DETERMINATE. Large yields of mid-sized dark red fruits arise very late in the season on upright, disease-resistant plants, extending your harvest beautifully! Outstanding for fresh eating or canning.

Tomato Better Bush Improved Hybrid
A Park Exclusive! 68 days. SHORT INTERNODES. Luscious, 4-inch fruits with that "real tomato" flavor. Plants grow to about 4 feet; strong central stem needs little staking. It bears early and keeps going all season.

Tomato Park's Razzleberry Hybrid
A Park Exclusive. 76 days. The dark pink color and HUGE yields of this determinate plant are exciting enough, but the real surprise is the silky-smooth bite. Mild and sweet, these 6- to 7-ounce fruits melt in your mouth! A favorite in taste tests, itÔÇÖs also a hardworking, strong-stemmed garden performer, 4 to 5 feet high and 2 feet wide.

Tomato Battito Hybrid
Old World Appeal, New Millennium Vigor! 80 days. Pleasingly pear-shaped and packed with rich flavor, these 10 ┬Ż- to 14-ounce tomatoes deliver substantial tangy-sweet goodness to salads and sandwiches. The fruit is evenly colored (no green shoulders here!) and ribbed, with substantial skin that stands up to a bit of rough weather and heavy handling in the garden. Exceptionally disease resistant, Battito is an excellent choice for new gardeners as well as seasoned favorites looking for meaty flavor and rustic appeal.

Tomato Country Taste Hybrid
Heirloom Flavor Plus Modern Vigor! 90 days. Now you can have the best of both worlds -- the rich, full-bodied tomatoey flavor of an heirloom and the vigor, big yields, and great disease resistance of a modern hybrid! This early-maturing beefsteak not only packs in the juicy flavor, it keeps fresh and delicious long after harvest. The 10- to 14-ounce fruits boast a dark red, glossy skin, terrific taste, and good mix of solids and gels. Terrific plate appeal and carefree growth! Stake this plant to support its bounty of big fruit.

Tomato Mater Sandwich Hybrid Organic
75 days from setting out transplants. Interderminate. Here it is, the new king of the sandwich-slicer tomatoes! Mater Sandwich is a giant, slightly flattened deep red tomato that lies across a piece of bread perfectly, tempting you with bits of bright red showing on all four sides!