Amaranthus Seeds

This lovely ornamental garden filler, commonly called amaranth, comes on strong in summer and into autumn, perfectly timed as some flowers are fading in the heat of summer. Densely packed cymes of flowers dangle from strong stems. 

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Amaranths are valued for their beautiful flowers and/or colorful foliage

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Amaranth, where we delve into the captivating array of leaf, flower, and stem colors that define this remarkable plant species. Amaranths are renowned for their stunning hues, ranging from rich maroons to striking crimsons, with delightful variegated varieties adding even more visual interest.

Leaf Colors of Amaranth:

Amaranth leaves boast a kaleidoscope of colors, with shades varying from deep burgundy to vibrant green. The foliage may appear as a single color or showcase stunning variegation patterns, adding a unique touch to gardens and landscapes. From the intense hues of 'Red Garnet' to the elegant green leaves tinged with red in 'Green Thumb', Amaranth offers an array of options to suit every aesthetic preference.

Flower Colors of Amaranth:

The flowers of Amaranth plants contribute to their visual appeal, displaying a spectrum of colors that captivate the eye. Predominantly, Amaranth flowers bloom in shades of red, ranging from maroon to crimson, creating a striking contrast against the foliage. Additionally, some cultivars feature blooms with subtle variations in hue, adding depth and dimension to gardens and floral arrangements. Whether it's the fiery red blossoms of 'Hot Biscuits' or the velvety crimson flowers of 'Velvet Curtains', Amaranth delights with its diverse floral palette.

Stem Colors of Amaranth:

The stems of Amaranth plants complement their foliage and flowers, adding yet another layer of visual interest. Stem colors can range from deep reds to shades of purple, enhancing the overall appeal of the plant. Some varieties exhibit stems that perfectly match their leaves or flowers, creating a harmonious aesthetic. Whether it's the bold red stems of 'Red Army' or the deep purple hues of 'Purple Majesty', Amaranth's stems contribute to its overall charm.

Embrace the Beauty of Variegated Varieties:

In addition to solid colors, Amaranth also offers variegated varieties that showcase a mesmerizing blend of hues. These unique cultivars feature leaves, flowers, and stems adorned with contrasting colors or patterns, adding an extra layer of intrigue to gardens and landscapes. 


With its captivating leaf, flower, and stem colors, Amaranth stands out as a visually stunning addition to any garden or landscape. Whether you prefer the rich tones of maroon and crimson or the charming variegated varieties, there's a plethora of options to explore. Embrace the beauty of Amaranth and boost your outdoor space with its vibrant hues and irresistible charm.

Optimize your garden's visual appeal with Amaranth's diverse colors, and let nature's palette inspire your outdoor oasis.