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Indulge in the mesmerizing allure of ranunculus, also known as Persian buttercups, boasting fully double blooms that rival the intricate beauty of a rose. 

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Freesia & Ranunculus Grand Blend Bulbs

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These ranunculus vibrant flowers, resembling delicate origami creations, captivate with their abundance of papery petals, creating a spectacle that lasts long after their counterparts have wilted away. A perennial favorite among florists, ranunculus flowers possess remarkable longevity, seamlessly complementing any floral arrangement with their enduring charm.

Elevating garden aesthetics, ranunculus bulbs emerge triumphantly above their verdant foliage, showcasing a tapestry of parsley-like leaves as a picturesque backdrop. Ideal for adorning flower beds, garden borders, or gracing window boxes, these sun-worshipping perennials infuse any space with a burst of vibrant hues. For those opting to plant ranunculus in containers, remember that a 10-inch pot accommodates only two or three ranunculus corms, yet promises an abundant yield of up to 20 blooms per plant. With tall, slender stems bearing elegantly fragrant flowers, ranunculus beckons pollinators and hummingbirds alike, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to any landscape.

While the hardiness of Persian buttercups is limited to Zone 7 and above, our exquisite ranunculus bulbs offer a solution for winter enthusiasts. Easily overwintered indoors, these resilient corms ensure a continuous supply of botanical splendor year-round. Moreover, the versatility of ranunculus extends to indoor cultivation, where it thrives as a captivating houseplant, infusing interiors with its radiant allure.

Embrace the option of cultivating ranunculus as an annual delight. Kickstart your garden oasis by soaking corms in room temperature water, then plant ranunculus outdoors after the last frost date in spring. Ensure corms are planted in cool, dry, well-drained soil, selecting a location with full sun exposure to maximize blooming potential. Consider using frost cloth to protect tender buds if frost threatens. Left in the ground, ranunculus corms will thrive, rewarding you with a bounty of exquisite blooms.

Unveil the allure of ranunculus as exquisite cut flowers, boasting a vase life of over a week. Each bloom, meticulously crafted by nature's hand, serves as a testament to the enduring elegance of this botanical marvel. Whether adorning floral arrangements or gracing garden beds, ranunculus flowers infuse every space with an irresistible charm, captivating hearts with their unmatched allure.

Incorporating ranunculus bulbs into your botanical repertoire elevates your gardening experience, offering a symphony of color and fragrance that enchants the senses. Explore our unparalleled collection of ranunculus plants and bulbs, and embark on a journey of floral enchantment that transcends seasons, infusing your surroundings with timeless beauty and boundless joy.