Park's One-Step Seed Starter

Park's One-Step Seed Starter

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Description / Park's One-Step Seed Starter

These compressed peat disks are one of the best ways to start from seed and transplant safely into the garden with no root disturbance. Just as importantly, they're a lot of fun! Many gardeners got their start as children with One-Steps® (also called Jiffy-7s), watching in fascination as the disk expanded 5 times its height with the addition of water.

Great for annuals, perennials, and vegetables, One-Steps® minimize the root shock that often occurs with transplanting seedlings from indoors to the garden. The entire peat disk is planted, and the roots grow naturally through the bottom and into the soil. One-Steps® also prevent strangulation by encouraging roots to develop downwards and outwards instead of in a circular pattern that often ends by cutting off the parent root base.

To use, simply set the disks in a tray and drop a few seeds on each. Provide light and moisture until the plants are ready for transplant. You'll love the big, healthy seedlings these 1¾-inch-tall disks grow, and transplanting will be a snap! Great for vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers that need an early start, plus all flowering annuals and perennials.

And when you've used up your One-Steps®, rest assured that more will be waiting for you here at Park. These compressed peat moss disks have been around for decades, and they will be available for the long haul. You get 36 disks in this refill pack, enough to start the garden in style indoors!

The 36mm pellets (09093-PK-36) are the best-selling size because they allow more plants to be started in a smaller area. 72 of the 36mm pellets fit a standard 10" x 20" plant tray.

The 42mm pellets (06039-PK-25) are preferred for starting plants that grow larger and more quickly because they allow plants longer before they need to be transplanted. 50 of the 42mm pellets fit a standard 10" x 20" plant tray.

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Easy and affordable
Review by KarenG.
This is the most cost effective seed starting product I have ever used. Seeds germinated quickly. I placed the pods in aluminum pans and simply add water to the pan.
Review by Gp
Great starter kit.

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