Growing a Healthy Lifestyle

Growing a Healthy Lifestyle
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Growing a Healthy Lifestyle

Growing a Healthy Lifestyle

Does starting a vegetable garden from scratch seem intimidating? Not anymore! Get ready to start a vegetable garden and grow your own food. Get ready to try new seeds, vegetables, herbs, fruits and learn how to grow them successfully. Because there’s an app for that. The free gardening planning app From Seed to Spoon, that makes it easy to grow your own food in your backyard or on the patio.


We’re Carrie and Dale. We started growing our own food to live healthier lives, eat more nutritious food, and save money on groceries. As beginning gardeners in 2015, we spent nearly all our free time over the course of two years reading books, attending classes, and watching YouTube videos to learn all we could about vegetable gardening and growing our own food. We found a lot of gardening info, but too many places from which to source it and so much to sift through. So, we developed the From Seed to Spoon mobile app to answer gardeners’ questions and provide a single location where new and experienced gardeners can find information, log plants, track progress, buy plants and seeds, learn … well, why don’t you check out the app features below? We’ve gathered everything you need to know into one easy-to-use app that we are refreshing weekly.


Have a gardening question? Try Growbot! It's your on-demand gardening expert. Lower right icon on the app homescreen -- give it a try!

Answering gardening questions like:

  • How many seeds per hole?
  • How do I plan my garden layout?
  • What grows fast?
  • How much do I need to feed my family?
  • What did I plant there?
  • Is that a weed?

The From Seed to Spoon app is fully customizable, no more notebook. Here’s what you’ll get:

When should I plant my vegetable garden? You’ll get personalized planting dates for 100+ foods.

We take the guesswork out of knowing when you should plant seeds by calculating planting dates based on your GPS location. Set your own custom frost dates if you want to adjust the predicted frost dates in the settings section. You can also manually change your location to see planting dates for anywhere.

What plants grow well together? Consult the Vegetable Companion Planting Guide.

Companion planting is a vital part of organic gardening. Companion plants assist in the growth of others by attracting beneficial insects, repelling pests, or providing nutrients, shade, or support.

Want plants in your garden address health needs and help you feel better? Filter plants by health benefit.

We started growing our own food because we wanted to eat more nutritious food and live healthier lives. The app includes a “Growing for Health” feature that identifies seeds and plants you can grow to help with 25+ common health problems.

What do I make with my harvested tomatoes, fresh zucchini, and homegrown peppers? Find delicious recipes to enjoy your organic vegetable garden harvest.

Find easy-to-make recipes and learn how to cook with plants from your garden (tap the plant, select the recipes tab). Watch videos on YouTube with Carrie and Dale preparing recipes in their kitchen.

Will that bug eat my vegetable plants? You’ll learn about organic Pest Treatments to Identify & Manage Pests Organically

You’re going to start seeing bugs in your garden once you start growing food, and lots of them are good for your garden plants. We make it easy to determine which ones are good or bad with our “Critters” tab. We also give you tips and advice on how to get rid of the bad bugs without using toxic chemicals.

Is that a good bug or a bad bug? Beneficial insects.

In the app’s “Critters” section, you’ll also find the insects that help your garden and plants thrive. It’s easy to identify the good bugs from the bad with photos, details, and tips on how to encourage the good bugs to defeat the bad ones.

Ongoing support? You bet!

We post new updates and videos showing what we’re growing, harvesting, and cooking and they feed straight into the app for each plant. Articles with our garden successes and plant failures, growing guides, and answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can also search our website for answers using the search box. If you can’t find an answer, you can email us or join live Q&As on YouTube and Facebook.

Quick Tips for Using the App

New to using apps? We have videos and blogs that walk you through how to use each section of the gardening planning app. All apps take a moment to get used to and learn how to navigate in the best way for you and your food garden. In minutes, you’ll be searching, scrolling, learning, logging, buying, and planting your backyard food garden.

Log Plants in Your Garden with Premium Features

A premium feature to keep track of what’s growing in the garden, Garden+ includes plant tracking, seed sprouting estimates, harvest estimates, weather info, garden log, garden archive, notes, photos, and personalized notifications. Right now, you can preview the premium features for free! (Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to access anything you enter now if you don’t upgrade later.)

Download the From Seed to Spoon app today and get started, you’re going to love the customized, local-for-you experience. And we have saved you tons of hours of sifting through gardening content by compiling everything we have learned in the app. We’re adding new information and features every week. Let us know how you like it, and share features you would find helpful, too. We love a good conversation about gardening.