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Find the secrets to effortless gardening with our revolutionary seed tapes, discs, and mats. Designed for convenience and efficiency, these innovative gardening solutions promise a hassle-free sowing experience with pre-spaced, non-GMO seeds. Our Sow Effortless biodegradable products and growing kits offer an easy, reliable way to plant the smallest seeds evenly, utilize every seed efficiently, and design your dream garden with ease. 

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Learn how to start and care for vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more! No matter whether you're a novice or master gardener (or somewhere in between) we have resources available to get you started and help make your garden as successful as possible. 

  • Plants to Avoid Growing Near Tomatoes

    Plants to Avoid Growing Near Tomatoes

    Because they will compete for nutrients and other resources, these plants should not be grown near tomatoes

  • Tips for a Bee Friendly Garden

    Tips for a Bee Friendly Garden

    While it might seem like planting flowers is all that’s necessary to attract pollinators, the truth is that there is a lot more to it

  • How to Start and Grow Seeds Indoors

    How to Start and Grow Seeds Indoors

    We’ll show you how starting seeds indoors or starting an herb garden can save money, provide greater variety, and be a lot of fun

  • Ultimate Guide to Apartment Gardening

    Ultimate Guide to Apartment Gardening

    Plants are a useful tool for improving the air quality of your apartment by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen