Growing Ginger

Growing Ginger
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Growing Ginger

Ginger Is Easy to Grow in the Garden

Good news! Ginger isn't grown from seeds, but rather from a piece of the rhizome or tuber -- exactly the part of the plant you buy at the store! To start your ginger plant, simply select a plump, firm piece of ginger, soak it overnight in water, and then bury it in a big pot with good quality potting soil. If the piece of gingerroot has little nubby points on it, make sure those are pointing upwards when you plant the rhizome.

Caring for your ginger is so easy! Keep the soil moist (but not wet), and soon you will see fresh green sprouts. If you live in zones 7-10, you can plant your ginger in the garden. North of zone 7, make its home a generously-sized pot (a lightweight Potato Eco-Planter is perfect), and be sure to bring the plant indoors before first fall frost. It will happily overwinter in your home in a bright window, and be ready to go outdoors again in spring.

Harvesting ginger is not difficult. If the plant is in your garden, gently loosen the soil around it, about 6 to 9 inches from the center of the plant. After a year's growth, you should see the rhizome nicely growing outward. Using a sharp knife, remove a piece of the size you need, then replace the soil and water it in well. The plant will keep growing more gingerroot for you!

If your ginger plant is in a container, harvesting can be trickier. That's why we recommend growing it in a Potato Eco-Planter. This super-sturdy bag has a flap in one side for you to reach in and harvest the root without disturbing the plant!

And if you love growing your own gingerroot for Asian cuisine, take a look at the other herbs and vegetables we have available. From bok choy to daikon radish, lemongrass to Shikou eggplants, Park Seed offers the best for fine Asian dining at home!