Make Watering Less of a Chore

Make Watering Less of a Chore
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Make Watering Less of a Chore

Tools to Make Watering Your Garden Easier

Growing a garden is a relaxing hobby. It’s a nice way to get outside, catch some sunlight and get some light exercise. However, watering your garden during the broiling summer months can feel less relaxing and like more of a chore. No one wants to spend ages in the heat and humidity giving their plants water.

Thankfully, there are some ways that you can cut back how much time your spend watering your plants. Park Seed offers garden tools and supplies that will make sure that your plants always have plenty of water to stay hydrated, without you having to spend as much time watering them.

The Tree Diaper

Rain water is some of the best water that you can give your plants. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could soak up extra rain water and give it to your plants? The Tree Diaper lets you do just that. The tree diaper sits on top of the ground, making a ring around your tree or plant. The diaper soaks up water and holds it, slowly releasing it into the ground. The slow release of water will water your plants long after the rain has passed, while still giving it the rainwater that your plants crave.

To use the tree diaper the first time, simply soak it in water to fill it up. Once your tree is planted, place the tree diaper around the planted tree and let it do its work. Keep the diaper filled to make sure that your plants have a steady supply of water. The tree diaper is ideal for keeping soil consistently moist, which is something that you can’t do by hand watering.

Another problem that the tree diaper solves is the issue of ground watering. Many plants prefer ground watering instead of overhead watering. Overhead watering can lead to plant fungal infections, like powdery mildew. Avoid that by using the tree diaper and water your plants at the ground. The circular shape will keep the water right where your plant needs it: right around the base.

The tree diaper is black in color, which makes it perfect for covering with mulch. To hide your tree diaper, simply toss your mulch over the diaper and mound it around the tree. Covering it with mulch not only looks great, but it can help prevent water from evaporating from the tree diaper and will keep the water in the diaper cool.

The tree diaper will cut back on the number of times that you have to water. Stop going out there and hand watering all of your plant in the miserable heat. Put a diaper on your plants instead! If you really want to cut back on watering, get some of the smaller Tree Diapers in a 2-pack. These are perfect for smaller plants and house plants. Water your plants the lazy way with tree diapers!

Tomato Automator Tray

Tomatoes are one one of the most widely grown vegetables in the world. They’re also one of the most finicky plants that you could grow. Tomatoes are heavy feeders, which means they require a lot of nutrients and water. They’re also susceptible to damage from numerous pests and diseases.

Make growing tomatoes easier with the tomato automator tray. This nifty Red Tomato Automator Tray from Park Seed is super simple to use and will make a huge difference in the amount of time you spend taking care of your tomato plants!

The tray is designed to pop right around your tomato plant. The tomato plant will grow up through the center of the tray. The square tray is designed to help you water your tomato plants properly and feed them more efficiently.

The Tomato Automator Tray has four holes in the corners that are perfect for filling with fertilizer. Fill the holes with fertilizer and feed your plants gradually each time you water. When you fill the tray up with water, the water will pull the fertilizer down through the holes, feeding your plants. Fertilizer can burn plants if it’s on the stem or leaves. The holes help deliver the nutrients into the soil, right around the plant’s roots where they can be taken up by the plant.

Filling up the tray with water will also help you to water your tomatoes the way that they want to be watered. Tomatoes don’t like overhead watering. When tomato leaves stay wet, it makes them more susceptible to fungal diseases like blight and powdery mildew. The best way to water tomato plants is at the ground level. Fill up the tomato automator tray and get the soil moist at the ground instead of soaking the plant. It’s a quick and easy way to replace sprinklers and a hose attachment that are time consuming and harmful to your plants.

Dramm Water Timer

Have you set up your sprinklers or soaker hoses in the morning or evening to water the garden, and then remembered that they were still running the next day? It’s something that’s probably happened to all of us.

Sprinklers and soaker hoses tend to be the easiest way to water the garden when our to-do list is overflowing. We can simply set them up, turn them on and let them do the work. They can take a 30 minute chore and turn it into a 2-minute chore.

The downside to these methods of watering are that they’re so easy to set up, they’re also easy to forget about. A water hose that’s running all night (or all day) can eat up your water bill. The Dramm water timer will automatically shut off after the timer runs out.

No more endlessly running hoses or sprinklers! Simply set the Dramm Water Timer and let it run. It will run your hose for up to two hours and then automatically shut off. It doesn’t require batteries and is a simple solution to prevent you from overwatering or running up your water bill.

The Dramm water timer will save you a ton of time. Now, all you’ll have to worry about is turning your water on; let the Dramm water timer do the rest!

Hose Nozzles

Spray nozzles are a must for watering your garden. A good spray nozzle will last for years and will make your watering chore a breeze. A bad spray nozzle… well, that’s for the birds. Don’t be tempted to buy the cheap dollar store nozzles. These cheap plastic nozzles will quickly dry rot in the sun, causing leaks and all sorts of frustration. Instead, buy a quality nozzle that will last you for seasons to come.

The Dramm One Touch Fan nozzle is extremely easy and comfortable to use. Holding a water nozzle on for 30 minutes can fatigue your hand. With a simple flip of a switch, this nozzle stays on for you. You won’t have to fight with trying to stick a little metal piece behind the handle to hold it on. Just turn the nozzle switch up and water with ease.