Starting Seeds Indoors with the Park Seed Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit

Bio Dome and seed starting supplies
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Starting Seeds Indoors with the Park Seed Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit

How Bio Domes Make Seed Starting Easier

  • Seed starting is simpler than ever with a Park Seed Bio Dome, which creates the perfect environment for healthy germination year-round.
  • The Bio Dome revolutionizes seed starting by providing a well-aerated, soilless sponge medium that encourages healthy, downward root growth.
  • We recommend beginners start with our Bio Dome for Beginners Kit, which contains the dome, fertilizer, labels, marigold seeds, and seaweed growth enhancer.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of growing a big, healthy plant from seed. It’s like you created something incredible from almost nothing, besides a little hard work and patience. If you’re one of the many gardeners out there who is intimidated by the idea of starting seeds indoors, let us introduce you to the Park Seed Bio Dome Seed Starter, a unique indoor seed-starting system that acts as a mini, indoor greenhouse.

Growing your plants—whether they are savory herbs or colorful perennials—is an extremely rewarding challenge for both new and seasoned gardeners. It gives you complete control over how your plants are grown and handled, ensuring that everything you cultivate is done to your exact standards. Additionally, starting your plants from seed is leaps and bounds more affordable than buying already-germinated plants, so it’s awesome for the budget-conscious.

What Is the Bio Dome Seed Starter?

Our best-selling product, the Bio Dome Seed Starter is a container that creates a perfect environment for seeds to grow into plants, even if it’s the middle of winter. It’s uniquely designed to promote healthy germination indoors, providing your plants with:

A Soil-less Growing Medium – Each cell in your Bio Dome is equipped with a well-aerated, soil-less growing medium called the Bio Sponge. This medium encourages roots to grow downward, not in an upward spiral that could strangle the plant.

Bottom-Watering – Planted seeds need water from the bottom to prevent dieback and to help them develop deep roots, but rigging up a pot-in-tray system is messy and difficult. The Bio Dome takes care of that for you with a bottom-tray watering design that delivers moisture where your plants need it the most.

A Protected Environment – Unlike planting your seeds in pots exposed to the open air, the Bio Dome lets you start them in a safe, protected environment that’s adjustable from humidity-free to humid. To adjust the humidity, you just have to remove the humidity dome.

Lots of Room to Grow – The Bio Dome was uniquely designed to provide adequate space for top growth (the leaves and stems of your plants), as well as for root system development, so you don’t have to worry about finding right-sized pots. With wide and roomy cells, your seeds can grow big and tall before transplant.

The Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit

For novice seed-starters, we recommend starting with Park Seed’s Bio Dome for Beginners Seed Starter Kit. The kit contains everything you need to get started with starting your seeds indoors, including:

The Original 40-Cell Bio Dome – This endlessly reusable Bio Dome consists of a sturdy bottom tray, a clear plastic humidity dome with vents, and 40 Bio Sponges in pre-cut cells. The 40-cell Bio Dome allows you to grow 40 plants at once and features wider, deeper cells for excellent airflow and proper spacing.

Seedling Fertilizer – In addition to the dome itself, this beginner’s kit includes essentials that bolster your success of growing healthy plants. It includes seedling fertilizer, which is used as soon as the seedlings emerge, as well as Sea Magic all-natural growth enhancer that you can spray directly on the foliage.

Marigold Seeds – Also included in the beginners kit is the perfect plant for first-timers growing from seed: Park's Whopper CR Improved Tomato Seeds. These fruits have greater disease resistance, higher yields, a longer season, and better taste!

Seed Starting Is Easier Than You Thought

With the right tools, growing gorgeous, healthy plants from seed is very much within your reach. We encourage you to give this great growing method a try to revolutionize the way you grow herbs, houseplants, flowers, trees, and more!