Welcome to Park Seed Wholesale: Nurturing Education Through Gardening

Grow your success with Park Seed's Fundraising Program – an extraordinary opportunity for your organization to thrive financially while sharing the joy of gardening with your supporters. Because of our diverse seed collections, your fans are sure to find something they've been wanting to grow. In addition to supporting your organization, they'll enjoy the high-quality seeds which make growing more successful for gardeners of every ability level.

Why Choose Park Seed Wholesale for your school program?

Diverse Selection for Educational Programs:

Explore a wide assortment of seeds and plants that align with the curriculum of horticulture and plant-growing programs. From educational herbs and vegetables to specialized crop varieties, our selection can enrich your school's horticulture initiatives. Because there's no better way to make gardening a lifestyle choice than to start early.

Quality Assurance for Growing Success:

Our seeds undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure optimal growth and yield, sourced from reputable growers to support the success of your plant-growing curriculum.

Customized Solutions for Horticulture Projects:

Tailor your order to meet the specific needs of your horticulture projects. Whether you're planning a greenhouse initiative, a hydroponics experiment, or a traditional crop cultivation program, our team is here to assist you in creating customized solutions that foster success.

Dedicated Customer Support for School's Horticulture Programs:

Have questions about the best seeds or plants for your program, planting techniques, or specialized supplies? Our dedicated customer support team is ready to provide expert guidance for your school's unique requirements.

How to Get Started with Park Seed Wholesale for Horticulture Programs:

Explore Our Comprehensive Catalog: Discover a wide range of seeds, plants, and gardening supplies tailored to support horticulture and plant-growing programs.

Create Your Wholesale Account:

Unlock exclusive wholesale pricing by creating an account for your school or district with Park Seed Wholesale. It's a quick and easy process that opens the door to fantastic deals.

Place Your Horticulture-Focused Order:

You'll be assigned a designated representative who is at your service, available by phone or email to guide you in planning and placing your orders.

At Park Seed Wholesale, we are committed to helping schools cultivate enriching environments that inspire learning, innovation, and a lifelong passion for sustainable practices through the power of horticultural education. Let us be your partner in nurturing the future.