Heirloom Vegetable Seeds & Plants

Ready to grow your own produce right in your own backyard? Then get ready to harvest a healthy bountyÔÇöspring, summer and fall. As a high-quality seed company, Park Seed is proud to offer the home gardener the best selection of vegetable seeds, herb seeds and plants available anywhere. 

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San Marzano Organic Tomato Seeds
Organic Garbanzo Bean Seeds
As low as $6.95
Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean Seeds
5 (1)
Sow Effortless Collection™ Rainbow Mix Beet Seed Tape
As low as $4.95
Rainbow Mix Beet Seeds
As low as $4.95
Tomato Cherokee Purple - Organic Seeds
As low as $4.95
California Wonder Organic Pepper Seeds
4.4 (5)
National Pickling Cucumber Seeds
3 (2)
Zebrune Shallot Seeds
Calabrese Broccoli Seeds
Waltham 29 Heirloom Broccoli Seeds
As low as $4.95
Moonflower Plant Vine Seeds
4.65 (3)
Cucamelon Mexican Sour Gherkin Seeds
4.5 (2)
Rainbow Blend Heirloom Tomato Seeds
As low as $4.