Planting Annuals

Planting Annuals
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Planting Annuals

Optimizing Care for Garden-Ready Annual Flowers

Bringing vibrant colors and continuous blooms to your garden, annual flowers are the heartbeat of your garden’s seasonal display. Ensuring these plants thrive from the moment they arrive can set the stage for a flourishing garden. Here’s your comprehensive guide to caring for garden-ready annual flowers, ensuring they become a spectacular showcase in your garden or container.

Caring for your plants when they arrive:

  1. Open your box and remove the plants immediately.
  2. Keep plants in their pots and water deeply.
  3. Set in a shady, sheltered outdoor location to let them acclimate.
  4. If planting in the garden, prepare your soil by adding compost.
  5. If planting in a container, fill with potting (not garden) soil. Gently remove the plant from the pot by holding the pot upside down and squeezing the sides. Dig a hole twice the size of the plant’s root ball.
  6. Plant, then refill and settle the soil firmly around the plant with your fingers.

Watering: The Essence of Life

Watering your annual flowers thoroughly at planting is crucial for settling the soil and hydrating the roots.
Throughout the growing season, maintain a consistent watering schedule. Annuals, with their continuous bloom cycle, have a constant thirst for moisture to support their spectacular displays.

Annual Flowers: Season-Long Companions

Annual flowers, with their one-season life cycle, expend all their energy in creating the most spectacular blooms for your garden. From the moment of unboxing to the daily care routines, every step taken with mindfulness and attention to their needs ensures that your garden becomes a living masterpiece of color and vitality. Embrace the journey of nurturing these seasonal wonders, and let your garden be a testament to the beauty of annual flowers.