Espoma® Citrus 8 Oz. Liquid Feed

Espoma® Citrus 8 Oz. Liquid Feed

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Larger, juicier fruits!
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Description / Espoma® Citrus 8 Oz. Liquid Feed

This all natural liquid fertilizer was specially designed for citrus plants to encourage the growth of bigger, juicier fruits on healthier plants. This bottle features a mess-free lid that eliminates the need for measuring and makes applying the feed easier on you and your plants. Chemicals are very water soluble and starts working instantly. Great for organic edible gardens!

Feed the plants every 1-4 weeks.

Shake well prior to mixing.

How to use the Easy Dose:

With lid closed turn the bottle upside down. Now turn bottle upright, Flip the lid open, add one pre-measured dose to your watering can and then add 1 quart of water.

How to apply:

Thoroughly drench the soil of the plant. Ideally the water would flow through the container and some would run out of the bottom of the pot. Be sure to have a saucer under the plant to catch the runoff! Remove the water from the saucer so the plant is not sitting in water.

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