Espoma Organic® Berry-tone® Fruit & Berry Food

Espoma Organic® Berry-tone® Fruit & Berry Food
Espoma Organic® Berry-tone® Fruit & Berry Food

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Bigger fruit and healthier growth
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4 Pound Bag

Description / Espoma Organic® Berry-tone® Fruit & Berry Food

Want bigger, juicier, more flavorful berries? Introducing Berry-tone®. Espoma®, America's most trusted garden suppliers, has crafted a fertilizer just for berry producing plants. The formula is 100% natural and balanced to encourage healthy growth and larger produce. Your berries will be bigger, juicer, and luscious. Simply add this slow release plant food to the soil around your blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries and you'll be able to see and taste the difference.

1 pound equals approx. 3 cupfuls.

New Plantings:
Dig a hole twice as wide and the same depth as the root ball so that the roots can spread naturally.
Remove half of the soil and replace it with compost, peat moss, or Espoma® Organic Garden Soil.
Mix 1 cup of Berry-tone® into amended soil.
Place the plant in the hole so that it sits at the same depth that it was previously growing. Fill the hole with amended soil. Pack firmly, soak it with water, and allow it to settle. Add additional soil if needed. Add mulch to help converse water and control weeds. Keep well watered until the plant is established.

Established Plants:
When to Feed: Feed twice per year - in the early spring and late spring. (45 to 60 days after early spring application).
Rate of Application: 1 cup per foot of branch diameter (diameter of drip line); double rate if the diameter is larger than 3 feet.
Sprinkle around the drip line of the plant. If the area is mulched, either temporarily remove the mulch and fee, or feed at double the rate on top of the mulch. Make sure to water thoroughly.

Garden Beds:
New Beds: Mix 10 pounds of Berry-tone® per 100 square feet into the top 4 inches of soil.
Established Beds: Mix 5 pounds per 100 square feet into the top 4 inches of soil.

Potted Plants:
New Plants: When preparing soil for new plants, mix 2 cups of Berry-tone® per cubic foot of soil (1½ tablespoon per quart).
Established Plants: Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of Berry-tone® for every 3 inches of pot diameter into the soil along the outer edge of the pot. Water thoroughly.

Soil pH: Berry varieties often require acidic soil for optimum growth and yield. Have your soil tested for pH or check your soil pH with a home pH test kit. Add Espoma® Organic soil Acidifier® (Not Aluminum Sulfate) to correct the problem of insufficiently acidic soils.

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