Gold Rush Hybrid Squash Seeds

Gold Rush Hybrid Squash Seeds
Gold Rush Hybrid Squash Seeds

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A sunny yellow zucchini ideal for small gardens
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Description / Gold Rush Hybrid Squash Seeds

Days to Maturity: 45 from direct sow

All-America Selections (AAS) Winner 1980

It has been 35 years since Gold Rush hybrid won an All-America Selection, yet this brilliant golden zucchini is still fresh and appealing among all the new varieties introduced each year. The truth is, its creamy white flesh, waxy bright skin, and unbelievable production in a small space have never been improved upon.

Gold Rush created a sensation when it was introduced, because this plant bears the same big crop in 4 square feet that older varieties take half the vegetable patch to set. The habit is open, which makes it easy to pick the zukes—and of course their bright golden color makes them stand out for easier harvest, too.

But as exciting as the compact habit is, the quality of the fruit is even better. The skin is waxy, creating a nice protective barrier against insect damage and bruising. The golden color is magnificent. And the flesh is white and succulent, for a tender bite the whole family will love.

Expect uniform fruit size from Gold Rush, too. These zukes may be picked young (at just a few inches long) for gourmet veggies, or they may be allowed to reach full size (6 to 8 inches long). Either way, the look and flavor are terrific.

Summer squash ripens during the hot summer months and, thin-skinned, is best eaten fresh. Sow seeds 1 inch deep directly into the garden after the danger of frost is past. Thin the seedlings to 24 inches apart, or plant several seeds in hills 4 feet apart and then thin to 2 plants per hill. For even earlier harvests, start seeds indoors and transplant the seedlings as soon as they have 2 sets of true leaves and the spring soil has warmed up.

Native to North America, squash was grown for years by indigenous peoples as part of the Three Sisters planting. This is a symbiotic combination planting involving corn, beans, and squash (and occasionally a Fourth Sister, sunflower). In this arrangement, the bean vines climb the corn stalks, while the ground hugging squash foliage offers protection to the roots of the bean and corn. Try a Three Sisters planting of your own this year with these fine native vegetables.

Product Details

Genus Cucurbita
Species pepo
Variety Gold Rush Hybrid
Product Classification Seeds, Vegetables
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Foliage Color Dark Green
Habit Compact
Days To Maturity 45.00
Harvest Season Early Summer, Late Summer, Mid Summer
Resistance Disease Resistant, Heat Tolerant, Humidity Tolerant
Characteristics Award Winner, Direct Sow, Easy Care Plants, Edible
Uses Beds, Cuisine, Outdoor

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful color
Review by Mary
The color on this squash is absolutely stunning and very vibrant. The plant produces very well. I do think the price is a bit high, especially since the seeds aren't heirloom! But I can't find this color anywhere else and I like the way it looks in my garden, so here I am.
one of our favorites!
Review by Mrs Wilkes
Purchased two years in a row. This squash gave us fruit the entire summer. An easy size to work with-great for cooking in stir fries, baked , pasta, and sauteed in an egg scramble. We like to mix with Mediterranean varieties. The color is bright and happy!
Good for Northern and small Garden
Review by Sarah
have grown this one multiple years here in PNW zone 7b with great success. Smaller plants that produce enough for us and to give to neighbors. Haven't noticed any mildew either!

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