Park Seed Organic Herb Seed Collection

Park Seed Organic Herb Seed Collection
Park Seed Organic Herb Seed Collection

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Grow an organic herb garden this season
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Description / Park Seed Organic Herb Seed Collection

Make your herb garden organic this year with the fine varieties in this collection. With this collection, your garden will be full of aromatic, attractive, delicious culinary herbs.

When it comes to culinary herbs, nothing but the finest will do, which is why you want to grow Certified Organic for your family. And you know these herbs taste delicious, but did you know that they also make good companions to vegetables and flowers in the sunny garden?

Because they are strongly scented, herbs do a good job chasing away some of the pests that can bother vegetables and flowering plants. Roses and onions are good friends, so consider planting a "fence" of chives around any particularly delicate plant you want to keep in good shape the all-natural way. Cilantro is good at chasing off the bad guys too, and all of these strongly scented herbs add a rich spiciness to the warm summer garden. You're going to love them.

Organic Herb Seed Collection Includes:

Chives Nelly Organic (100 Seeds): long, slender, dark blue-green leaves add fresh, but subtle onion flavor.

Organic Cilantro Longstanding (100 seeds): slow to bolt and aromatic, use fresh leaves to flavor dishes or dry seeds as a spice (coriander).

Organic Dill Bouquet (100 seeds): dill combines the flavors and fragrances of parsley and caraway.

Organic Parsley Italian Flat Leaf (100 seeds): large, bright green leaves to cut as needed.

Organic English Thyme (100 seeds): small, gray-green leaves are packed with flavor.

Organic Oregano Italian (100 seeds): pungently aromatic, attractive, and flavorful.

Organic Basil Large Leaf Italian (100 seeds): a favorite Neapolitan basil with extra large, fragrant, flavorful leaves.

At Park Seed, we take pride in curating a unique selection of premium seeds. To maintain a constant supply of the freshest and highest-quality seeds, we may occasionally substitute different varieties in our collections. Don't worry, each substitution is carefully chosen to complement the original selection, ensuring a diverse and exciting array of flavors and textures.

Product Details

Variety Park Seed Organic Herb Seed Collection
Product Classification Collections, Herbs, Seeds
Sun / Shade Full Sun, Part Shade
Characteristics Edible, Herbs
Uses Cuisine
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