Park-Starts® Seed Starters and Refills

Park-Starts® Seed Starters and Refills

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Description / Park-Starts® Seed Starters and Refills

Ever since we introduced Park-Starts® in 1986, our customers have been writing and calling to report unprecedented success at starting seeds, transplanting them easily, and watching them grow into strong, vigorous plants—all thanks to Park-Starts®. This technological breakthrough makes starting seeds simpler than ever before, and I highly recommend it for experienced seed starters as THE MOST ECONOMICAL system you will find anywhere.

Here's How it Works:
The planting block is constructed of expanded polystyrene, 3 inches tall by 2½ inches wide by 6 inches long, with 18 pre-drilled holes. Into each hole is set a planting cylinder, a sponge-like medium of pasteurized, disease-free peat moss held together with a flexible binder that holds several times its weight in water. When you are ready to start your seeds, simply soak the cylinders in lukewarm water for a few minutes, drop a few seeds into the pre-formed hole in the top of each cylinder, and set the cylinder into the polystyrene planting block. Place the <#prodLink#"96373">watering tray (sold separately) beneath the block and water from below (which encourages the roots to grow down instead of wrapping themselves around the new seeding.) Place the block in a warm, lighted area. It's that easy.

When you're ready to transplant, just push out the cylinder from the bottom. Your seedlings come out with every root intact, and the root ball won't crumble or fall apart as they so often do with other methods. Plant it right into the soil, and you'll have healthier plants that start growing fast. Because the sponge-like growing medium doesn't break up when it's handled, you can transplant small plants with only a few roots.

And with each Park-Starts® Seed Starter shipment (item 96939 only), we send you a free package of soluble seedling food, specially formulated to keep your seedlings growing into vigorous, healthy plants. (Seedling food is available to order separately at any time—please order item 06699 for 1-ounce size or 96988 for 5-ounce size.)

I said earlier that I recommend Park-Starts® for experienced seed starters, and I want to elaborate on that here. If you know your way around a seed—as far as light, temperature, and air flow requirements—you can do no better than to start your entire garden with Park-Starts®. (After all, when you purchase the 24-pack of Park-Starts, each seedling costs you less than 10 cents. That's like something out of a 1964 catalog, for heaven's sake.) On the other hand, if you're new to seed-starting or are working with tricky seeds that are difficult to germinate in ordinary conditions, I'd recommend you go with Park's Bio Dome, which helps you control heat, humidity, and air flow more precisely.

Park-Starts® are compact, lightweight, and easy to store when not in use. (Is there ever a time when we hardcore gardeners aren't starting something, though.) They're just the right size for windowsills, office desktops (many plants love those fluorescent lights), and small spaces where big seed flats cannot fit.

When all is said and done, Park-Starts® are simply the best value in seed-starting that I have ever seen—without messy soil mixes, flats, and pots. You can sow your seeds in minutes and be on your way to the next garden chore, secure that your seedlings will be up and growing their best in no time.

Park-Starts® are sold in packs of 3 (each 3-pack starts 54 seedlings).
Refills available in packs of 108.

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Customer Reviews

Worked great to produce seedlings
Review by Home butterfly gardener
Last year I used these for cosmos, borage and petunia seeds. They work as described. Small perforated holes, in the seed starter material (provided) accept seeds. I placed my three blocks in a deep cookie tray and kept approxinately 1/2 inch of water in the tray. Mix the provided soluble seeding food in the water. Nothing to it. Fun to watch the seedlings grow, on my kitchen table, prior to planting time.
Works Great
Review by Sefi
Not sure why the other reviews are so negative. These little blocks make seed starting so much easier. I don't destroy the seedlings when its time to transplant them because the sponge helps hold them together. I just take a dibbler and push them up from the bottom of the block and pop them into the next pot. While it can be a bit expensive to keep replacing the sponges, its totally worth it for me for the ease of using these.
Original Park Starts are GREAT!
Review by Bobby R
This small cylinders don't hold much water but they have started all kinds of seeds for me the last 5+ years. Easy to move from warm germination spot to under lights to partial then full sun. I love them!
Amazing Results
Review by Stephanie
I have tried these for the first time this year, they are amazing! I have had just about everything come up this year after using these. The plants are also so easy to pop out of them. Guaranteed I will be using these every year!
These Starts "ROOT"!
Review by Paul
First bought this system in 1996. Have tried many others. Nothing roots seedlings like these, so I am re-ordering today!

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