Rainbow Carrot Seeds Blend

Rainbow Carrot Seeds Blend

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A quintet of gourmet baby carrots or full-sized roots
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Description / Rainbow Carrot Seeds Blend

Days to Maturity: 50 to 60 from direct sow

Rainbow Carrot Seeds bring an exquisite palette of colors to your garden, transforming your culinary creations with their vibrant hues and diverse flavors. This delightful seed mix includes five distinct carrot varieties, each uniquely colored and perfect for both gourmet baby carrots and full-sized roots. Embrace the joy of harvesting a colorful bounty of rainbow carrots and the surprise of unearthing Atomic Red, Cosmic Purple, Solar Yellow, Lunar White, and Bambino carrots, each with its own perfect crunch and rich taste.

Cultivating Rainbow Blend Carrot Seeds is an invitation to elevate your home gardening and dining experience. Rich in vitamins A and B, calcium, and phosphorus, these carrots surpass the nutritional value of their store-bought counterparts. Their green tops are equally nutritious, offering a fresh garnish for soups, stews, and cooked dishes.

For optimal growth, sow these seeds directly into well-prepared, workable soil in spring, continuing every few weeks until midsummer. Carrots thrive in cooler weather and require loose, moist soil to prevent splitting. With minimal care, focusing on soil preparation and consistent moisture, these carrots are virtually trouble-free.

For baby carrots, sow seeds 2 inches apart, lightly covering them with soil. For full-sized roots, space the seeds an inch apart, thinning as necessary, or plant them 4 to 6 inches apart from the start. Companion planting with onions can enhance their growth and flavor.

Embrace the vibrant world of rainbow carrots with a blend of Rainbow Carrot Seeds, a cornerstone of any kitchen garden that promises a colorful and tasty harvest.

This blend of Rainbow Carrot Seeds Includes:

Atomic Red: unveils a dramatic transformation from a soft pink to a brilliant scarlet upon cooking, sharpening in flavor to add a striking touch to dishes. Growing to a length of 8 to 11 inches in about 75 days, they are ideal for those who love their carrots with a bit of bite.

Cosmic Purple: a Nantes-type carrot, conceals an orange heart beneath its deep violet skin, delivering a sweet yet slightly spicy flavor. Allow 70 days to harvest these 7-inch gourmet beauties at full size.

Solar Yellow: a treasure from Middle Eastern markets, maintains its luminous hue when cooked, offering a moist, sweet, and crunchy experience with a hint of added sugar. These carrots can reach 6 to 7 inches in length in 65 to 70 days.

Lunar White: cherished since the Middle Ages yet rare in modern times, offers 8-inch roots with a very small core and a mild, delightful texture after 75 days, ideal for both raw and cooked dishes.

Bambino: a true baby carrot, arrow-shaped and absolutely delicious, matures (6 inches) in about 60 days but can be harvested even sooner (at about 4 inches). Dark orange and smooth-skinned, its flesh is sweet and crisp, perfect for snacking.

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Product Details

Genus Daucus
Species carota
Variety Rainbow Blend
Product Classification Seeds, Vegetables
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Foliage Color Dark Green
Habit Upright
Days To Maturity 60.00
Harvest Season Early Fall, Early Summer, Late Fall, Late Spring, Mid Fall, Mid Spring
Characteristics Cool Season, Direct Sow, Easy Care Plants, Edible, Season Extenders
Uses Beds, Containers, Cuisine, Outdoor

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