WheelEasy™ LE Foldable Garden Cart

WheelEasy™ LE Foldable Garden Cart

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The collapsible wheelbarrow for all your garden chores
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Description / WheelEasy™ LE Foldable Garden Cart

If there is one single tool or accessory you need to keep in your gardening shed, it's our WheelEasy Light Garden Cart. This collapsible wheelbarrow is such an improvement over the old clunky, heavy carriers. Whether you're maintaining your very first lawn or garden or nurturing a landscape you've been perfecting for decades, there are always jobs that require heavy lifting. Let WheelEasy do it for you.

Unlike traditional wheelbarrows, WheelEasy cart offers a canvas shell that lies nearly flat. This is important because it means you can essentially flatten the entire cart and roll or drag a heavy load into it—no back strain from trying to lift too much, no danger of the wheelbarrow tipping over as you struggle to balance the load.

Compact and economical, this cart is ideal for yard work from collecting weeds or vegetables to spreading bark or moving rocks or gravel. The only lifting you will be doing is raising the handles from the ground once the cart is full, and since the barrow's center of gravity is so low, you actually only push a small portion of the total weight. Ahhh—that's better.

The WheelEasy cart also has a self-leveling, ergonomic design that gives it better balance and more maneuverability, and the overall effect is of less negative impact on the lower back and shoulders. If you've been wondering whether you have to give up your wheelbarrow—or are simply tired of pushing that unwieldy cart over uneven ground—WheelEasy Light may be just what you need.

The WheelEasy yard cart measures about 3 feet across and 4 feet long. It carries up to 6 cubic feet of material. Unlike other wheelbarrows, the all-steel frame makes it extremely durable, so it can carry up to 150 pounds, while weighing only 12 pounds itself. And storage is a snap—just fold it up and you can keep it just about anywhere. The WheelEasy Light cart also makes a great gift for all your gardening friends and family.


Dimensions: 3 feet wide by 4 feet long
Capacity: up to 150 pounds
Weight: 12 pounds

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