Chef's Lettuce Collection

Chef's Lettuce Collection

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Make your own salads!
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Description / Chef's Lettuce Collection

This collection of incredible lettuces is perfect for anyone looking to start or expand their veggie patch. Make your own salads from scratch with the 3 flavorful options offered here.

Super Jericho is a crispy and sweet lettuce that is able to withstand the heat of summer. Also does great in cool season gardens. Sturdy and robust plants with large beautiful leaves. Disease resistant and one of the best tasting summer lettuce. Romaine type.

Red Sails is an award winning lettuce that finishes in just 45 days. A favorite among gardeners who prize beauty as well as flavor, Red Sails received an AAS when it was introduced -- and has never looked back! Among the very first to arise, it resists bolting, giving you an especially long season of delectable eating.

Buttercrunch combines good garden performance with tender crisp flavor. The leaves are very dark green and thicker than most, with a crisp texture and juicy bite. They are loosely held on big heads that grow more vigorously than many others, ready in just 65 days. So high performing and satisfying that it won an AAS award, Buttercrunch is the highest quality eating butterhead type we know.

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