Citrus Buddha's Hand Citron Tree

Citrus Buddha's Hand Citron Tree
Citrus Buddha's Hand Citron Tree

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A versatile and unique citrus tree
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Item Form
Tree Sleeve
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Key Characteristics

10 - 11

Mature Height

15 Feet

Sun / Shade

Full Sun

Moisture Level

Moist, well-drained

Description / Citrus Buddha's Hand Citron Tree

Talk about a conversation starter! This tree has so much to offer from its uncanny shaped fruits to zesty flavor. It's well-known for its ornamental beauty and fragrant flowers and fruit. Commonly known as the fingered citron, the semi-dwarf cultivar is a lovely and interesting tree that can be seamlessly integrated into your edible landscape.

Flowering in spring and fall, its delicate, waxy white blossoms, occasionally kissed by pinkish-purple hues, emit a delicate citrus fragrance. Following this floral display, the tree yields its distinctive, elongated fruits, resembling a human hand, in vivid shades of yellow to orangey-yellow. As they ripen, the fruits release a stronger fragrance and boast an intense lemony peel that you can zest to add citrus flavor to your culinary creations. The finger-like projections have an inner white pith but no juice or pulp.

In your garden, the Citrus Buddha's Hand Citron Tree can mature to a height of 10 to 15 feet, serving as an exquisite focal point. For those with limited space, this tree can be pruned to the shape and size of your liking. In regions with cooler climates, this citrus tree thrives in a container and can be brought indoors during winter, provided it gets ample sunlight. Even when grown in a container, it produces full-sized fruits.

Native to northwestern India, it's an evergreen in Zones 10-11, displaying thorny stems and aromatic leaves which add to its appeal. Its spring foliage emerges with a purplish tint before transitioning to a vibrant green. It's an ideal choice as a small shade tree, espalier, or an eye-catching garden accent.

Provide your Citrus Buddha's Hand Citron Tree with a minimum of 8 hours of daily sunlight. It thrives in sun and warm temperatures, 32°F is the minimum. If container-grown, protect it from frost by bringing it indoors and placing the tree in a sunny location. Citrus Buddha's Hand Citron is self-pollinating, allowing for fruit production without the need for pollen from other varieties.

Product Details

Item Form Tree Sleeve
Genus Citrus
Species media
Variety sarcodactylis
Product Classification Fruit, Trees
Habit Upright
USDA Zone Low 10
USDA Zone High 11
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Bloom Color White
Bloom Season Start Early Summer
Bloom Season End Late Summer
Foliage Color Dark Green
Characteristics Edible, Evergreen, Fragrance, Gift
Uses Cuisine
Zone 10, 11
State Shipping Restrictions AL, AZ, FL, GU, PR, TX, VI
Shipping Method Restrictions expressShipping
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