Coco One-Steps® - Pack of 18

Coco One-Steps® - Pack of 18

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Plant roots grow down and through the biodegradable netting
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Description / Coco One-Steps® - Pack of 18

Not only are these compressed coir disks 100% biodegradable (even the netting breaks down easily in the soil), they are simply fun to use. Immerse them in water and they swell to 1¾ inches high, filled with a healthy, porous medium that's just perfect for encouraging healthy root system growth.

Coco One-Steps® are fibrous and all natural, giving your seeds and seedlings the best possible start in life. Simply place the seed on the surface of the moistened disk to germinate, then continue to grow the seedling. At transplant time, you place the entire Coco One-Step®, netting and all, into the planting hole. It's that easy.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, impatiens, pansies—all your favorite plants from seed get off to a great start with Coco One-Steps®. Keep them on hand to use year-round.

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Characteristics Indoor Growing, Pots and Trays, Seed Starting, Tomato aids
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Customer Reviews

Great Alternative to Peat
Review by Julie Szurgot
Obtained the present pots to use alternatively of the traditional Peat since they are better for the environment. The Coir pots in every aspect operate just as well as the peat. Individual plants have no difficulty growing in the Coir. Some downsides of the Coir are all are coarser, consequently, causing it harder to create holes. Additionally, they crumble more than peat together with come only in one size. I personally consider that the downsides are worth working with to preserve the environment.

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