Colossal Hybrid Pepper Seeds

Colossal Hybrid Pepper Seeds
Colossal Hybrid Pepper Seeds

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6 inches long and wide, no wonder it's called Colossal
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Description / Colossal Hybrid Pepper Seeds

Days to Maturity: 68

This hybrid is just built along larger lines than most others—the fruit is a massive 6 inches long and wide, the plants are exceptionally tall and upright, and the crunchy-sweet flavor is a full-bodied peppery bite.

These thick-walled, blocky green bells are held vertically on the plant, so that they form with no restrictions on their shape. The result is the most perfectly-formed pepper you may ever see—as well as one of the largest. Great foliage coverage adds to the beauty and lets the peppers mature fully on the plant without scalding.

Start seeds indoors or, in climate with short growing seasons, outdoors at least one week after last frost. If starting indoors, allow 7 to 10 weeks for the seeds to mature into seedlings large enough to transplant safely. Set seedlings (or thin direct sown seedlings) 2 feet apart in full sun. If planting many seedlings, space rows about 3 feet apart. Fertilize when the blooms appear, and water well. Fruit is most nutritious if allowed to ripen on the plant.

Product Details

Genus Capsicum
Species annuum
Variety Colossal Hybrid
Product Classification Seeds, Vegetables
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Habit Upright
Days To Maturity 68.00
Characteristics Edible
Uses Outdoor
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