Fragrant Herbs Collection

Fragrant Herbs Collection

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Fragrant herb choices for a breath of fresh air!
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Description / Fragrant Herbs Collection

It you take delight in the splendid fragrances, flowers, and foliage of various herbs, we have the best selections available. Just right for growing in the garden we have the quality fragrant choices you've been searching for all in one easy collection. Use them as fragrance in the landscape or snip them to enjoy in your home in aromatherapy or even tea!

Quickly reaching 12 to 24 inches high and wide, rosemary has a naturally well-branched, dense form and very slender, sage green, needle-like leaves. The stems are quite woody, and older plants (where it is perennial) resemble miniature shrubs. The foliage is best harvested for cooking purposes before the plant blooms, but you will probably want to grow a few extra rosemary plants just for the blue summer flowers. A true edible ornamental, rosemary belongs on every patio, deck, and porch where full sunshine can nourish it. And it's quite water saving, asking only for an occasional drenching once it reaches full size in summer.

This species of Lavender is one of the richest in essential oils, meaning more fragrance power both fresh and dried. Fresh flowers can be crystalized and used in candies and cakes; dried flowers are used in potpourris and satchets; oils are used in creams and perfumes. And these are only some of the more common uses - imagination can create endless more. An evergreen perennial, English lavender has a subtle blue-green coloring and sweet fragrance. The leaves first open white, then turn a pale gray blue green color. Stalks of tiny purple flowers grow up to 14 inches tall.

Easy to maintain, long-lived, and rewarding, English Thyme is a must have in the kitchen herb garden and in patio containers. Essential for seasoning a huge range of dishes, these small gray green leaves are packed with flavor and easy to harvest by letting the stems dry (after cutting from the plant) for a few days, then simply stripping the leaves.

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