Greenwell™ Water Saver

Greenwell™ Water Saver

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Description / Greenwell™ Water Saver

Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to "hill up" a little circle of soil around newly planted trees, shrubs, and roses, create a perfect reservoir in seconds—one that will hold water in, trickle down liquid feed to your plant roots, and prevent grass from spreading too close to your plant. The Greenwell™ Water Saver is the most efficient way we have ever seen to maximize the use of scarce water resources in the garden.

Ridiculously simple to use, this UV-stabilized recycled plastic reservoir simply sinks into the soil to create a perfect circle 17 inches in diameter aboveground (19 inches in diameter at the belowground base) around your plant. It holds together securely by a patented zip join, preventing leaking or collapse. Measuring 7 inches high, it sinks several inches below the soil line to anchor itself in place. It won't fall over, warp, or rip, and it's not going anywhere until you decide to pull it up for use on another plant.

By creating a little pool around the plant, the Greenwell™ Water Saver enables you to water only the plant, not the entire area around it. Water and liquid feed can trickle down to deep roots instead of spreading outward and becoming dispersed away from the plant. You can fill the area with mulch, if you like, to further conserve water and keep roots cool. In today's thirsty gardens, this is a real necessity, especially for newly planted trees and shrubs, which need so much water their first season. If you are planting on a slope, the Greenwell™ Water Saver is nothing short of a godsend for keeping water from running off.

It's not surprising that Greenwell™ Water Saver was developed in arid Australia, but it's already winning awards (and hearts) here. Recipient of a Green Thumb Award, it is made in the USA from recycled materials, and includes easy instructions. It can be used again and again, saving you valuable resources and keeping the garden looking neat. The perfect way to get your plants off to the best possible start even in hot, thirsty gardens, the Greenwell™ Water Saver is a must-have in any climate.

Large Dimensions: 7½" H x 17" top diameter, 19½" bottom diameter
X-Large Dimensions: 9.8" H x 23.6" top diameter, 26.4" bottom diameter

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Color/Option Green
Product Classification Accessories
Characteristics Easy Assembly, Garden Tools, Made in USA, Tomato aids, Watering
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