Heirloom Herbs Collection

Heirloom Herbs Collection

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Fresh home cooked meals full of flavor!
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Description / Heirloom Herbs Collection

It you take delight in the splendid tastes, fragrances, flowers, and foliage of various herbs, we have the best selections available. Just right for growing in the garden and snipping for cooking we have the quality choices you've been searching for all in one easy collection. Use them as fragrance in the landscape or snip them to enjoy in your kitchen for fresh, home cooked meals full of flavor.

Fragrant, flavorful, extra-large leaves are the very favorites of the culinary world! This is a Genovese basil, rich in oils and so aromatic you will smell it long before you see it in the garden! Whether you use it for pesto, spaghetti sauce, or simply as a companion to your tomato plants (basil is a superb pest repellant), choose Large leaf Italian as your "go to" mainstay basil for big, satisfying harvests all summer long.

Specially developed for use as fresh seasoning, this parsley offers large, bright green leaves that you can cut as needed all season long on compact plants. Flat leafed Parsley is far more nutritious than the curly type. Cut the entire plant at once for drying the leaves as a spice, or harvest the individual leaves as you need them. The plant will keep sprouting new stems all season long.

This must have kitchen herb is perfect for almost any savory dish. Snip the leaves in bunches at the base of the plant, then chop and use fresh or freeze for year round use. The flowers can also be used for an even milder onion flavor - they look gorgeous in salads, and have that irresistible peppery onion aroma. Chives are pretty enough to be used ornamentally as well as in cuisine. They make fine companions to roses, keeping away many destructive pests with their strong scent while beautifying the garden with their large ball of lavender pink blooms. They are a good "guard" for any plant that needs a little muscle to keep out nibbling visitors.

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