Heirloom Summer Vegetable Collection

Heirloom Summer Vegetable Collection

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Summer veggies for a bright garden!
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Description / Heirloom Summer Vegetable Collection

We've curated three of our favorite Summer Heirloom vegetables for you to plant in your garden! Perfect for bright color, high yields, and delicious taste. Create all your favorite summer recipes with veggies you've grown in your own garden.

Mortgage Lifter is one of the most famous American heirloom tomatoes. It was developed in West VIrginia in the 1930's, and it created such a stir with its giant fruit that its breeder was able to pay off the mortgage on his house in just a few years -- hence the name. These astonishing fruits weigh between 2 and 4 pounds apiece, with a mild yet meaty flavor that pleases every palate. Besides, they're such fun to grow. Just make sure you support them well -- they literally "outweigh" all others.

Dinosaur kale is a dark green leafy vegetable. Popular in Italian food, it's also called Tuscan kale or cavolo nero. The leaves are so hearty that, even when well cooked, they retain a wonderful firm texture, making it a great choice for braising or adding to stews. It's also sweeter and less bitter than other types of kale and packed with healthy nutrients.

Brought from Germany by the original settlers of the Dutch Fork Section of South Carolina, Mountaineer White Half Runner (also called Old Dutch Half Runner) is in rich in history as it is in flavor! This is a tender, slender podded pole type with succulent white seeds. It boasts terrific yields of old fashioned, rich "beany" beans that taste and smell terrific. Many gardeners prefer pole beans for their distinctive "beany" flavor. Because they use vertical space, they free up the horizontal rows in the vegetable garden for other varieties while bearing abundant harvests. They're easier than bush beans to harvest as well.

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