Heirloom Tomato Collection

Heirloom Tomato Collection

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Description / Heirloom Tomato Collection

How to choose among the dozens and dozens of tomato varieties out there? When in doubt, always go for quality -- and that would mean the 3 varieties in this premier collection! For one low price, you get all the tomatoes (and more) a family would need for a huge harvest.

This collection brings you the best and most exciting Heirloom varieties for your tomato garden, so even if you've never started a tomato seed before in your life, you can soon be harvesting big, yummy fruits. If you are an experienced garden, welcome to the very finest in tomatoes for the home gardener.

Amish Paste are bright red tomatoes that vary in shape and have a juicy and meaty flesh. One of the largest paste tomatoes. Perfect for sauce or fresh eating. They vary in shape and are usually around 8-12 ounces. This tomato was acquired from the Amish near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Perfect for tomato pies, spaghetti, and more.

The most popular heirloom tomato in America, Brandywine earns its name with indescribably rich flavor seldom found in modern varieties. It's tangy in the classic tomato way, but also rich and sweet, with a juicy succulent bite that really satisfies. Bearing little resemblance to bland, smooth, evenly red modern hybrids, Brandywine sets big fruit of purplish red, deeply lobed, and not at all "uniform".

Chocolate Cherry is so much more than a pretty face. These 1-inch beauties boast the most flavorful tomato tang in the family, from their delicious thin skins to their combinations of gels and solids, sweets and meats, in every bite. Appearing in clusters of 8 all over this compact vining plant, these miniatures ripen delectably from green to lavender to richest mahogany. They have a fresh grown flavor and texture no store bought variety can equal, from their rich fragrance to that great bite as they are popped whole into your mouth or scattered on salads. Truly a gourmet variety, they keep coming all summer.

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