'Italian White' Sunflower Seeds

'Italian White' Sunflower Seeds
'Italian White' Sunflower Seeds

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Creamy yellow, single stem flowers ae great in arrangements or the garden
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Mature Height

7 Feet

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Sun / Shade

Full Sun

Bloom Size

0-4 IN

Description / 'Italian White' Sunflower Seeds

The 'Italian White' Sunflower seamlessly marries the grandeur of giant sunflowers with the lush, branched habit of petite, daisy-like varieties, offering an exquisite aesthetic for both garden landscapes and floral arrangements. This variety is celebrated for its striking blooms, each measuring 4 inches across, adorned with creamy yellow and slightly ruffled white petals encircling a deep chocolate center. These elegant white sunflowers stand on single stems, elevating any garden scene or vase with their sophisticated charm.

Thriving as a backdrop or as a standalone feature, the 'Italian White' Sunflower plants reach heights of 5 to 7 feet tall, presenting a splendid vision at the rear of a border or beside structures, where their creamy blooms can act as a temporary screen or hedge. Not only do these white sunflowers excel in aesthetics, but their resilience in dry soils and their ability to produce a bountiful number of blooms across an extended season make them a generous contributor to any gardener's bouquet collection.

Growing white sunflowers like the 'Italian White' variety is a straightforward delight. These sun-loving plants ask for nothing more than a sunny spot in the garden and a simple direct sowing of seeds post-frost. They aren't fussy about soil and prefer spacing of 2 to 4 feet apart to flourish and display their full, leafy glory. The 'Italian White' Sunflower is a testament to the effortless beauty and bountiful growth that sunflowers bring to the natural summer garden, attracting an array of butterflies and birds to your outdoor oasis.

'Italian White' Sunflower invites you to bring a touch of elegance and resilience to your garden. Whether you're looking to create a serene backdrop or fill your home with striking, long-stemmed bouquets, these white sunflowers promise a garden filled with creamy yellow luminosity and graceful charm.

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Product Details

Genus Helianthus
Species debilis
Variety 'Italian White'
Product Classification Annuals, Seeds
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Bloom Season Start Early Summer
Bloom Season End Late Summer
Bloom Color White
Max Bloom Size 4.00
Resistance Drought Tolerant, Heat Tolerant
Characteristics Bird Lovers, Direct Sow, Flower
Uses Cut Flowers, Ornamental, Outdoor

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Customer Reviews

Here's how to brighten your garden
Review by Belinda
I love these Italian sunflowers. I plant them year round where I live in my front yard (direct sow into clay soil). This year was warm so they even made it through the winter without dying. All of my neighbors have asked me what they are, cause they're hard to miss at 5 feet tall. They really brighten a landscape and are visible at street level. Suggest if you live in a desert like me to sprinkle them amonst the cactus and ocotillo. Very low maintenance (mine are on a drip and I've never fertilized them). I deadhead them about once a week to promote growth and so they look prettier.
Long Lasting since 2018
Review by Flow3rs
Bought these in 2018 and I love them, they are soo pretty and a lot of blooms :)
Review by Susan
All seed that were planted germinated, started indoors and transplanted in April. Flowers are very pale yellow to off white and absolutely gorgeous. Very hardy, will plant more of these next year!!
Growing well even with high temps
Review by Donna
The plants are beautiful and starting to put on branching and buds. Can wait for full bloom. It has been over 90 degrees each day yet they are thriving.
Beautiful Sunflowers
Review by Flow3rs
Mine were not white, more like a very light pastel yellow, yet soooooo beautiful.. and several sunflowers per plant. All seeds germinated outdoors on the ground, very sturdy and does not require much watering. Definitely one of my favorites now :)
The first time in 22 years that I ever grew sunflowers.
Review by My name is Debra, I'm a over fifty young lady who loves to garde
I'm very happy with my Italian white sunflowers, they are a delight to my garden and I'm glad I ordered them. Two thumbs up to Park seed.

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