Kitchen Herbs Collection

Kitchen Herbs Collection

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Whether you enjoy spicing up home cooked meals with fresh flavors or simply take delight in the splendid fragrances, flowers, and foliage of various herbs, we have the best selections available. Just right for growing in the garden or in a kitchen windowsill we have the quality choices you've been searching for all in one easy collection.

Romanesco is a Sweet Basil with large leaves (and plenty of 'em, thanks to excellent branching on big plants) and a higher oil content than others. More oil means more aroma and richer flavor. And you will smell the difference even before you taste it. Romanesco is a must have for any chef's garden, and it should not be confined to the herb garden by any means. Fragrance this strong is fabulous to deter pests in the veggie patch, and makes a fine companion to scentless flowering annuals from Zinnia to Petunia.

A wholesome alternative to processed sugar and chemically derived artificial sweeteners, Stevia ("sugarleaf") is becoming more and more popular among health-conscious individuals. It's 20 to 30 times sweeter than sugar cane, yet is non-caloric and doesn't promote tooth decay. Stevia is easy to use, too. Just drop a leaf into hot or cold drinks, or use it like a bay leaf to sweeten meat and vegetables dishes while they cook -- it's heat stable! Grind the dried leaves and sprinkle them into cereals and other cold dishes as you would sugar. You can even extract the oil.

An essential herb for Asian cuisine, the leaves and stems of lemongrass can be used fresh or dried to impart a distinct lemon flavor. Lemongrass also makes a wonderful ingredient for hot teas, and is attractive enough to grow simply as an ornamental in patio pots or in the sunny garden. This clump forming perennial resembles an ornamental grass with its aromatic cane like stems arising from a central base. The lemon scented, linear, strap leaves reach 3 feet long, falling over at the tip. It is a honeybee magnet, and a useful addition to any garden friendly to butterflies, bees, and other wildlife.

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