Midnight Snack Hybrid Cherry Tomato Seeds

Midnight Snack Hybrid  Cherry Tomato Seeds
Midnight Snack Hybrid Cherry Tomato Seeds

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Indigo color means terrific antioxidant content
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Mature Height

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Tomato Fruit Set


Description / Midnight Snack Hybrid Cherry Tomato Seeds

Days to Maturity: 68 from transplant


All-America Selections (AAS) Winner 2017

Have you grown an indigo tomato yet? For many of us, Midnight Snack Hybrid introduces a whole new look for tomatoes—rich, glossy violet to black coloring. But even more important, indigo tomatoes are packed with much higher levels of antioxidants, making them the absolute healthiest and most disease fighting varieties you can grow. Talk about a win-win!

This tomato turns black because it is high in anthocyanin pigments, the same pigment that turns blueberries (another antioxidant powerhouse) blue. Just 1½ inches in diameter and weighing half an ounce, these snack-size cherry tomatoes are nutritional powerhouses. What luck that they also taste so good, packed with meaty, juicy tomato tang.

And you will get plenty of opportunity to sample Midnight Snack, because the yields are huge on tall, wide, sprawling indeterminate plants that keep bearing heavily all summer long. Expect far more than 100 fruits per plant—Midnight Snack is more like a binge.

Start seeds indoors 5 to 6 weeks before the last frost date. Plant outdoors when danger of frost is past and night temperatures consistently remain above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If an unexpected late frost is forecasted, protect young plants with plastic sheeting or other cover. Set plants 3 to 4 feet apart. Wait for the fruits to begin turning purple and black to harvest—that's when the nutrition is at its peak.

Product Details

Genus Lycopersicon
Species esculentum
Variety Midnight Snack Hybrid
Product Classification Seeds, Vegetables
Tomato Fruit Set Indeterminate
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Habit Vining
Days To Maturity 68.00
Harvest Season Early Summer, Late Summer, Mid Summer
Resistance Heat Tolerant, Humidity Tolerant
Characteristics Award Winner, Edible
Uses Beds, Cuisine, Outdoor, Vines and Climbers

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Customer Reviews

Review by Jim
I grow only one or two cherry trees each season and for years my go to has been Sunchocola. This is my first season with Midnight Snack and it's a keeper! It does not ripen early here in Oregon but when it does it produces prodigious amounts of delicious scarlet/black tomatoes. Highly recdcomended!
Review by Anne
Sets tons of gorgeous, tasty fruits. Set these on your dinner table and you'll feel like a painter or some other kind of artist -- a gardening artist! My plants were full of fruits when the frost got them; if I had a plastic greenhouse for them, I would have had tomatoes in late September, north of Chicago! And I love the name... the healthiest midnight snack you'll ever enjoy.
Review by Freida
My friend grew these. They were easy to grow and once I tasted them I was hooked! What a wonderful flavor indeed! A must try tomato! You must wait until the bottom turns red....that’s when they are ready to pick.
Flavor explosion
Review by Freida
My friend grew these. They were ready to pick when the bottom turned red. The tops stayed black. They had such depth of flavor they easily became my favorite.
Midnight Snack is my favorite cherry tomato.
Review by Janice
Midnight Snack produced fruit into November—the last tomato growing. They took a little longer to start producing but they are larger and have great flavor.
Fantastic Cherry tomato!
Review by JG
I am a Master Gardener in Central Illinois, and we grew these last year as a trial plant. They are fabulous! Cute, sweet, great tomato taste. They start out green (of course), turn black on the top (looks like someone poured paint on the tops and it ran down the sides - thus the “cute”), then when the bottoms turn red - YUM! No issues at all, other than I didn’t allow enough space - big vines, loaded with tomatoes. Need a big tomato cage for these prolific plants.
Holy Cow
Review by Don B
Had this plant last year. Only one as that was all I could keep up with. Production was great, taste was great, once you figure out when they are ripe. Everyone who tasted them wanted some to take home.

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