Nature's Aid Granular Garden Soil Inoculant

Nature's Aid Granular Garden Soil Inoculant

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Feed the soil and improve the whole garden
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Description / Nature's Aid Granular Garden Soil Inoculant

Don't worry about "regular feedings" for your veggies this season -- just sprinkle Nature's Aid in with the seeds when you sow, and the natural nutrients in the soil will do the rest. The live bacteria in Nature's Aid increase the nitrogen-fixing ability of your soil, which means vigorous growth and bigger, healthier crops.

This granular feed is very economical as well as easy to use. A single 2.3 oz bag treats 40 feet of row. And unlike liquid feeds, which may nourish the roots but do nothing for the soil, Nature's Aid actually enhances the quality of your garden soil.

Nature's Aid contains three principal functioning agents for nitrogen fixing: bradyrhizobium sp., rhizobium leguminosarum, and R. phaseoli. It is specifically designed for use with beans (except soybeans), peas, lima beans, and vetch. And nothing could be simpler to use.

Try Nature's Aid this season and discover the advantage of putting Mother Nature in charge of building soil fertility and growing great vegetables.

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