Park Seed Candy Lily Seeds

Park Seed Candy Lily Seeds
Park Seed Candy Lily Seeds

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Iris-like blooms in a rainbow of colors
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Description / Park Seed Candy Lily Seeds

The result of 40 years' work by three generations of plant breeders, Park Seed Candy Lily is a completely unique perennial, as brightly colored as a rainbow and as variously colored and marked as a bag of marbles. When you're looking for something different and easy to grow, consider this hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind beauty.

The Iris-like plants flower freely from midsummer 'til fall, producing masses of bright blooms in every color and pattern. Superbly hardy, they laugh at heat and drought, and will bloom the first year in areas with long growing seasons. Nothing could be more beautiful than a tall stand of these blooms in every shade of yellow, blue, red, purple, pink, white, and orange—many with tiger stripes, polka dots, splashes of a second color, or other distinctive accents.

Derived by crossing Pardanthopsis dichotoma (which used to be classified as Iris dichotoma) and Belamcanda chinensis (better known as Blackberry Lily), the resulting hybrids were selected and reselected countless times to produce just the right combination of color, form, and garden performance. The selection was performed by our own Dr. Jim Alston here in South Carolina, so you know the resultant plants perform well in hot, humid conditions. But they're also hardy all the way to Ohio, and are not fussy at all about soil. They'll even bloom the first year in climates with a long growing season.

You'll love these distinctive, ultra-colorful perennials. Try something new this season.

Product Details

Genus x Pardancanda
Species norrisii
Variety Park Seed Candy Lily
Product Classification Perennials, Seeds
Sun / Shade Full Sun, Part Shade
Bloom Season Start Mid Summer
Bloom Season End Late Summer
Bloom Color Mix
Max Bloom Size 4.00
Resistance Heat Tolerant
Characteristics Flower
Uses Ornamental, Outdoor
Zone 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Customer Reviews

Can't wait to see them bloom!
Review by Vicki
Having had poor luck germinating Black Berry Lily seeds from a different source (one out of 20 seeds sprouted), I decided to try Candy Lilies. I bought two packs of 20 seeds last fall, kept them in the fridge over winter, and started them inside in early February. It is now mid-March and 20 of them have sprouted so far! Some germinated at 3 weeks and some are still germinating 6 weeks later, so be patient. My single Black Berry Lily bloomed the same year it germinated, so I am hoping to see these Candy Lilies bloom late this summer.
Hardy past Zone 5
Review by Kris Mc Coy
I've grown these in my garden in Southwest Minnesota for more than 30 years. Beautiful flowers and interesting dried seed pods. Super easy to grow. Plant the seeds where you want them to grow. Comes up year after year and performs well in conditions from dry to moist, partial to full sun. I buy new seeds about every ten years because the orange tends to become dominant after a few generations.
Cold-Hardy Plant with Unique, Beautiful Flowers
Review by C in Brooklyn
The seeds took a while to germinate, but one of them grew steadily and started to bloom within a year from germination. The flowers look very exotic (to me) and beautiful. They are like the daylilies in that they only last a day. However, there are so many flower buds on the plant which actually multiplied into several plants; there are 1 to 5 blooming flowers daily. Very happy with this. Highly recommended.
Very nice flowers
Review by Debra
Well, I was just looking around and saw the Candy Lily. I purchased them from you years ago, and I loved them. I saw the customer review and wanted to give an excellent customer review - the only reason I no longer have them is my daughter through them out when we were redoing my very small garden - I wanted to give an excellent review - they bloomed the first year and continued for years to come. Very nice flowers.
Patience is a virtue
Review by liveplantsstl
I bought these seeds in very early 2011. Germination rates were very poor. From multiple packets of seeds, I ended up with maybe half a dozen plants. They were kept potted for the summer, then dug up and dried out in late autumn, and placed in sphagnum moss for storage in an outdoor storage area over the winter. All plants were still alive come spring. In July of 2012, one or two of the plants bloomed. Resulting flowers were ONLY orange with red freckles. Half a dozen seeds collected from only one pod. Waiting to see if 2013 brings any other color variations than what appears to be your basic Blackberry Lily. If you start these plants from seed, consider throwing away less money by using a heat mat and seed starter dome indoors. Use a basic potting "mix" (not potting "soil") that has been sterilized in the oven first. These seeds are tricky. Will NOT flower the first year no matter how soon you can germinate the seeds.

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