Park's Original Bio Dome Seed-Starting System

Park's Original Bio Dome Seed-Starting System
Park's Original Bio Dome Seed-Starting System

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Grow bigger and better-rooted seedlings faster
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Description / Park's Original Bio Dome Seed-Starting System

If you're new to using the Bio Dome, let us sing the praises of this, our most POPULAR PRODUCT OF ALL TIME. Customers love it, and even experienced seed starters like us, who have been dropping marigold seeds into the soil since pre-school, have come to make the Bio Dome the ONLY SEED STARTING SYSTEM WE NEED. Here's why:

Climate Control: you can remove the clear vent as the plants grow, but at first, especially if you're starting seeds in late winter, it's a real boost of warmth and humidity. And the two adjustable vents at the top make sure that your plants get good air circulation at all times.

Incredible Rooting Medium: in each hole of the polystyrene planting tray is what we call a "bio sponge," a pre-formed plug of sterile medium with a hole already drilled in the top. The bio sponge is simply the best way we've ever found to reliably germinate and grow on seeds. We plant 1—ONLY ONE—seed in each bio sponge, even for difficult-to-germ varieties, and they nearly always sprout. (The only seeds you don't want to grow in the Bio Dome are those of root vegetables like carrots, beets, and radishes—they need more space to grow their tuber than the bio sponge allows.) In all our years, we've just never had results like this from any other seed-starting medium, and we've tried them all twice. The bio sponge offers the perfect blend of aeration and moisture to help seeds of all kinds grow and cuttings to root.

Bottom Watering: you water the base of this tray, NOT the bio sponges themselves. Put enough lukewarm water into the base so that the polystyrene tray floats. The bio sponges will wick up just the water they need. And as your plants grow, their roots will go down and out, instead of spiraling or fanning out near the surface as you often see with top-watered seedlings. It's impossible to over-water the Bio Dome.

Root Strength: These seedlings form LOTS of roots and grow them straight down and out, so that when it comes time to transplant the seedling, you can see roots sticking out all over the sides and bottom of the bio sponge.

Ease of Transplant: none of this business of transplanting the plug into a pot and then transplanting the plant out of the pot and into the soil. When you start your seeds in the Bio Dome, they can be transplanted straight into their final home. The bio sponge holds together, but the roots fan out easily beyond the sponge and into the garden or container soil.

Refills of the bio sponges and the polystyrene block are available so you can use your Bio Dome for years to come. Starting the Bio Dome is mess-free, easy, and so economical. Whether you want to start your entire garden indoors at winter's end or you just have to root your favorite geranium at season's end, rely on the Bio Dome. You'll be glad you did—we stake our good name on it.

Green base measures: 14 7/8'' long x 9 1/2'' wide x 2 1/4'' high
Clear top measures: 14 7/8'' long x 9 1/2'' wide x 4 1/2'' high

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Customer Reviews

Bio-dome 40
Review by Ron
Just day 5 after I started 15 pepper plants and 10 have germinated. Also planted 10 Lemon cucumbers, they've all germinated well. Planted another 10 Jalapeno and 10 Sweet Peppers two days ago, this my first bio-dome system works very well. It's on my workbench in shop under 4' LED, on a 12 hour timer. I put a 14" x 18" Pet Warmer pad underneath, which I believe is helping. I highly recommend these bio-dome systems to anyone looking to start there seeds early.
Plants in Stasis
Review by Nika van Tilburg
I've used the Bio Dome system for 3 years, and up until this year I'd have recommended it to anyone. This year, I can't recommend it. I grow tomatoes for a nonprofit organization's plant sale, which is their major fund-raiser, so it's important that the plants look really good by the time of the sale. In 2020 and 2021, the tomatoes looked great right from the start. This year, the tomatoes germinated beautifully, then went into stasis, not even developing true leaf primordia for nearly 3 weeks. Once they started growing, they did fine, but losing those 3 weeks means they won't reach the size they should by the sale. This happened with 2 varieties of tomatoes (which I'd previously successfully grown in Bio Domes) and 2 sowing dates, so it was repeated. I also started both varieties both times in peat pellets -- plus an additional time to make up for the "hibernating" plants -- and they developed completely normally, so there was nothing wrong with the seed or my growing conditions. All seeds were grown under controlled conditions of light and temperature. There's something in the sponges this year that causes the seedlings to stall out. While this might not be a problem for someone growing plants for themselves, it's definitely something I can't risk in the future. This year's sponges also were not of the quality of past years. They were flimsy, squashed so the holes weren't obvious -- and soaking didn't help that -- tore easily, and some were in pieces in the package. I loved the system before -- I definitely don't love it now.
Two Weeks In
Review by DarofAvon
This is perfect for people just starting out working from seeds, or people who want to cut out some of the work. I spent maybe an hour soaking the plugs and dropping the seeds into the holes. In just days I got my first sprouts and so far, they all look happy. I don't mind having to transfer them into a bigger cups to later sow into the ground. I use a grow light with 5:1 red and blue light. Soon I'll be able to put them into direct sunlight!
Not a magic bullet
Review by Angela
Easy to plant and grow seedlings, however, the plugs themselves never break down. In addition, my plastic dome chipped when I set it down on my deck. I found that to be disappointing.
The real deal
Review by Ivan
I bought the 18 cell biodome in my first effort to grow my garden from seed. In prior years I had bought my plants from one of the big box stores. I started my pepper plants and all 18 cells had at least one pepper germinated within 7 days. At the nearly 3 week mark all the plants look very healthy and IÔÇÖm a little disappointed to have to thin the sponges that have multiple peppers growing. My tomatoes germinated in 4 days, much to my surprise. I would highly recommend the biodome to anyone looking to start seeds.
Review by Michael Bielas
I am very pleased with the price, ease of use, and how it is working so far. My seedlings are working almost 100% compared to last year this is a much better return on my investment. Seeds are expensive but this system has so far worked great. Very happy with the results.
Nice Unit
Review by Larry
I've just planted my first seeds in the Bio Dome. it seems well made and appears durable enough to go for many years. I'll know more in a few months but am happy as of now.
Great product but...
Review by Donna T
I love the product and it is easy to start the seeds, which germinate very well in the bio domes. I have both the single 60 cell and the double 120 cell domes. If a preference were to be had, I'd only use the singles. The doubles seem to not germinate as well and as plants grow, they get too crowded, fighting for light even though I have the lights close to them as they grow. I'm trying the 40 cells in those this year and 18 cell for my tomatoes as the tomatoes grow much too quickly for the 60 cells. I have had issues with white mildew that grows on the sponges which not even increasing air circulation with fans seems to help stop it. Ended up using a copper fungicide regularly when it happens to keep it under control last year. Lastly, the sponges are a fantastic idea but they do not disintegrate in the garden even after the plant has produced and died. I find myself digging them out and burning them when re-mulching the garden in the following spring. If I had a wish, I would wish the sponges were biodegradable.... wondering if anyone else has a better solution to the sponges as this was quite the investment. I'd like to find a less expensive and biodegradable solution to fill the holes in the future.
Review by Doug
Received fast and timely manner. Good pod size, should get a good root system. Thanks
not what I hoped
Review by Emmajune
Packaged nicely, and I was very excited at the propects of strong early seedlings. I did get just that, but I used a heat mat and LED light too so I'm sure that helped immensely. My disappointment is the sponges don't break down as expected after planting out and I still find them in beds. Won't use them again. Instead I used the dome part to raise Monarch butterflies. I'll use Jiffy Peat pellets in their little greenhouse on my mat and under the light for future seed starting.
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