Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds

Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds

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The Classic Sprout, Nutritious and Delicious!
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Description / Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds

The original bean sprout, enjoyed in the Far East for more than 5000 years, Mung contains far more nutrition when grown as a sprout than if allowed to mature into a bean plant. You will love the hearty, meaty flavor.

Ready to eat in just a few days, this sprouting seed is so easy to grow on the kitchen countertop or windowsill. Use our Easy Sprout or Raw Hemp Sprouting Bag to germinate the seeds almost overnight, and harvest fresh, nutritious mung beans in no time!

Sprouting mung beans contain 5 times the nutritional value of their traditional cousins, and add almost no calories to your diet. They are a superb source of vitamins and minerals, and are so effortless to grow and use. There's no reason not to make this sprouting seed a daily component of your diet.

Try a packet of mung bean sprouting seeds today, and we predict you will be back to stock up within just a few weeks. They're habit-forming -- and it's a great habit to get into! Packet is 2 oz, at least 700 seeds.

Product Details

Genus Vigna
Species radiata
Variety Mung Bean
Product Classification Seeds, Vegetables
Sun / Shade Part Shade
Days To Maturity 5.00
Characteristics Edible
Uses Outdoor
Shipping Method Restrictions none
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