Silver Queen Okra Seeds

Silver Queen Okra Seeds
Silver Queen Okra Seeds

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Pick these pods late -- they'll still be tender-sweet!
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Description / Silver Queen Okra Seeds

80 days from direct-sowing. We am delighted to be able to offer this very hard-to-find, choice heirloom Okra to Park gardeners! From the elegant lime-tinted ivory pods to the succulent flavor, this is an Okra so much better than our modern varieties that it's in a gourmet class by itself!

Each pod can reach up to 7 inches long, though it is best to pick them young, when they are somewhat smaller and very tender. The "iceberg" color adds a stylish look to the plate, too!

Silver Queen's flavor is legendary, but its plant vigor and productivity make it more like a modern hybrid than an heirloom! You'll get HUGE yields of fruit on this robust, well-branched upright plant, which reaches 6 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide in the sunny garden. Easy to grow and ready to bear heavily, this is a fine selection for the busy gardener!

Okra is a warm-weather plant, soaking up full sunshine and thriving in any ordinary, well-drained garden soil. Start seeds indoors (4 to 6 weeks before the soil warms) everywhere but the hottest climates, soaking the seeds for 24 hours before planting them. Transplant when night temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees F, spacing the plants 10 to 12 inches apart. Fertilize the soil before planting and again when the plants begin to flower. If you want to pick the fruit for eating, they are ready to harvest when just 3 inches long, or may be left to mature to their full size. Pkt is 100 seeds. We cannot ship any Okra to California.

Product Details

Genus Abelmoschus
Species esculentus
Variety Silver Queen
Product Classification Seeds, Vegetables
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Habit Upright
Days To Maturity 80.00
Harvest Season Early Summer
Characteristics Direct Sow, Edible, Heirloom
Uses Outdoor
State Shipping Restrictions CA

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Customer Reviews

Results from first test plot of all 6 varieties from Park Seed
Review by Dave
This is my third year growing okra, but the first year I have tested all these varieties (in order of best productivity to worst at the 70 day mark) : Candlestick, Bulldog, Clemson Spineless, Jambalaya, Silver Queen, and Star of David. ***I personally would not grow this one again. I realize that I'm a little early in judging this one since I'm at only 70 days and the description clearly says 80 days to harvest. It has been giving me some pods since about 60 days, a few earlier, but overall (and again, just at 70 days) it is a distant 5th compared to other varieties. The lighter color is a nice touch in my basket of mixed okra, but its just a touch thus far as I only get about 2 or 3 pods total every other day on 10 plants. Sometimes only one. Maybe it will take off here in a couple weeks, but I don't want to wait 80 days for okra when other varieties gave me a decent harvest starting at 55 days or so. It's a pretty plant, decent height, etc. so I'll give it an honest 3 out of 5.*** I do not claim to be a master gardener, and these are only my results and methods. I planted 10 of each variety, 3 feet apart in rows that are 8 feet apart so that I could mow in between rows. I used a chicken manure based, organic fertilizer mixed with bagged topsoil and my native clay and humped up the rows under weed barrier with a drip system to get them started. I have not fertilized further. I have only used neem oil and BT for insecticides and I hand pick caterpillars, stink bugs and grasshoppers as often as I can. I haven't had major deer problems, though the deer have ready access to the entire plot. I use scissors to cut of the pods as close to the trunk as possible. I also cut off bottom leaves which have yellowed from bug damage and pull the wilted flowers off the emerging pods since they are a gooey mess – I think that’s from the extreme humidity here and that seems to help the pods mature a little quicker, but that’s just something I’ve been trying for the first time this year. I will review each of the 6 varieties. The second paragraph will be specific to the variety, the rest will just be the same ol' mumbo gumbo you just read ;) I sure do love gumbo, which is the whole reason I did this at all.
Thanks to Parik Seeds
Review by Rosemary
I got my first packet of Silver Queen okra from Park Seeds, and absolutely loved the okra. Silver Queen does not get tough and inedible even when it grows large. It's also an heirloom, and I've been saving seeds of and on, although I still order these wonderful okra seeds too.
Awesome Okra!!!
Review by tsisler
We have planted this okra for several years and have never been disappointed with the results. Highly prolific and great flavor. We share our abundant bounty with friends and neighbors due to the sheer quantity of each picking. The stalks are quite hearty and can withstand wind with little problem. In the fall, a SHARP corn knife is required to dismember the stalks. We plan to keep going this variety for years to come.
Super Okra Grows Where Others Disappoint!
Review by W. C.
I have tried other varieties with no success. Here in southwest Georgia, we have high temps, humidity, and heavy rains. I have grown Silver Queen since 2005 and it always produces a heavy yield until frost. It does have spines so wear gloves. We have lots of bugs and some do sting baby pods which grow tough; so include this in your spray program. The pods are tender up to five inches. I prefer it stir-fried or in soups and it tastes very good. A 20 foot row produces more okra than I can use and my friends like that. It is drought tolerant but you still need to water it as it grows 6 - 8 feet (pull down the stalks to harvest). Productive branches often grow below the canopy. The root system is tremendous making it a challenge to remove some stalks in the Fall. IMO, this is the best variety where I live.
This is my third season!
Review by Lea
I am on this site ordering these specific seeds for the 3rd season. The okra grows easy, is VERY drought & heat tolerant and the fruit is awesome. The pods are sweet & tender and good enough to eat raw! I don't understand the other reviews - my whole neighborhood loves these!
No Luck With This Okra
Review by Peggy
Maybe it was my planting technique, but this Okra took forever to flower, and I couldn't eat it because it was so spiny and tough. I tried harvesting it when it was small and large and got the same results - spiny and tough. Now I am afraid to try any okra.

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