Splash Select Mix Polka Dot Seeds

Splash Select Mix Polka Dot Seeds

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Colorful foliage looks like it was splattered with paint
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Description / Splash Select Mix Polka Dot Seeds

One of the most effortless houseplants or shade bedders you will ever grow, Splash is so much fun. An annual foliage plant, it springs right up from seed, its leaves beautifully "splattered" with white or varying hues of pink. Quite compact, it looks terrific in shady beds and borders from spring through fall, then makes a fine winter houseplant.

The large, pointed leaves arise from the central stem, creating a neat rosette that looks lovely in the front of the border or in containers of all sizes. The foliage is dark green very heavily splattered with bright colors, so that on most leaves, only the midrib and veining remain green. This mix contains 3 complementary colors: dark pinkish-red, light pink, and ivory-white. They look great together, or may be selected for their variegation and arranged as you please.

Just about 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide at maturity, the trick to keeping Splash bushy and full is to pinch back the growing tips frequently during the early weeks of this plant. If you let them go, the plant will be taller but spindlier, not at all the neat rosettes you want. It may try to set unexciting purple blooms, too—pinch these right off so that it will continue to set new stems and foliage instead.

A good choice for interplanting with other foliage plants in the shade, or edging flowering houseplants in a large container, Splash is trouble free and keeps its color for months. Germinate the seeds in light (place atop the bio sponge in your Bio Dome or press into the soil of your potting mix, leaving the seed uncovered) at about 65 degrees. You should see green shoots in 7 to 14 days. Keep the seedlings moist but not soggy, and be sure bright light and humidity are both present. The leaves will revert to solid green in low light. If you are using the Bio Dome, just keep the dome over the seedlings; this will provide all the humidity you need. If you are growing a bunch of Splash plants, place them close together to increase the available humidity. Plant out (o transplant into their permanent container) when the seedlings have at least 2 sets of true leaves.

Splash Mix Polka Dot Plant grows quickly and easily. We recommend taking cuttings of your Splash plants in spring and summer, too, so you can start new plants even more quickly, and have plenty to share with friends.

Product Details

Genus Hypoestes
Species phyllostachya
Variety Splash Select Mix
Product Classification Annuals, Seeds
Sun / Shade Part Shade, Shade
Foliage Color Dark Green, Pink, Rose, Variegated, White
Habit Compact
Resistance Deer Resistance, Heat Tolerant, Humidity Tolerant
Characteristics Easy Care Plants, Flower, Variegated
Uses Beds, Containers, Foliage Interest, Ground Cover, Ornamental
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