Summer Vegetable Collection

Summer Vegetable Collection

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Summer veggies for delicious meals!
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Description / Summer Vegetable Collection

This collection of veggies is the perfect summer snack! The plants in this collection are all harvested during the summer and are perfect for meals. We guarantee you'll be happy with their yield and taste.

Amadeo is renowned for its huge yields of succulent, nutty, bitterfree fruit on spineless plants. Easy to pick and irresistible on the tongue, this is THE eggplant you need for the veggie patch. Amadeo is a spineless plant reaching about 3 feet high, well-branched and vigorous. You will probably need to support it once it begins bearing the heavy 5-inch-wide, 8-inch long dark purple to black eggplants -- the bounty is simply too great for this compact plant to hold up alone. The fruit is nutty and tender, with a rich flavor that is never bitter. The highest quality eating eggplant we have ever grown, Amadeo is simply delicious.

Sir Crunch a Lot is more than just a fabulous name -- it's a season extender that you'll treasure in those dog days of late summer, when all the other varieties have stopped bearing. And while it's the ultimate in crunch (as you'd expect from its name), Sir Crunch a Lot is also rich and free of bitter taste, with a small seed cavity and extra long fruit size. Can't beat it with a stick. These glossy dark green cukes reach 8 to 10 inches long, borne on compact and open habit plants that make harvesting easy and spine-free. They look as good as they taste, and you'll always get big yields on these plants, thanks to their resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, leaf spot, and blight/target spot. If you've ever had trouble growing cucumber plants before, Sir Crunch a Lot is the one to try for surefire success.

Snapper is a very large, robust plant that sets abundant fruit. These bells are blocky and quite uniform, boasting 3 or 4 lobes and thick, juicy, crisp walls. They are ideal for stuffing because they hold up under cooking, but they're so delicious fresh that you may never get a chance to save one for popping into the oven! These bells can be harvested at just over 2 months, when they are a rich green color. Or, for even more nutritious and appealing fruit, let them remain on the plant a bit longer, until they turn a bright shade of red. They are at their peak of ripeness then, and can be eaten immediately or used in cooking.

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