Van Gogh Sunflower Seeds Mix

Van Gogh Sunflower Seeds Mix

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Create a sunflower painting in your own garden with Van Gogh Sunflowers
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Key Characteristics
Mature Height

7 Feet

Mature Width

2.5 Feet

Sun / Shade

Full Sun

Bloom Size

3-10 IN



Description / Van Gogh Sunflower Seeds Mix

Immerse your garden in the vibrant hues and varied sizes of the Van Gogh Mix Sunflower Seeds, directly inspired by the masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh. Celebrated for his sunflower paintings that adorn the halls of the world's most famous galleries, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, this mix echoes the diversity and intensity of Van Gogh Sunflowers.

In every packet of Van Gogh Mix Sunflower Seeds, gardeners will discover a spectrum of colors from creamy whites to deep burgundies, and sizes ranging from intimate 3-inch blooms to grand 10-inch wonders. These Van Gogh Sunflowers grow uniformly to heights of 5 to 7 feet, making them a stunning sight in any garden setting, much like Van Gogh's Sunflowers 1888 series captivated the art world.

Easy to sow and joyously simple to maintain, the Van Gogh Sunflower requires just sunlight and a bit of space to thrive. Mimicking the effortless beauty of Van Gogh's brushwork, these sunflowers stand tall and bright, attracting not only the admiration of onlookers but also the beneficial pollinators that brings a garden to life.

By planting the Van Gogh Mix, you not only cultivate Sunflowers Van Gogh would have been inspired by, but you also weave the artistic legacy of Vincent and his contemporaries like Paul Gauguin into the very fabric of your garden. Let the Van Gogh Sunflower be a tribute to the enduring beauty and emotional depth of Van Gogh's work, creating a living gallery in your own outdoor space.

Embark on a journey from the digital world to the soil beneath your feet with our insightful blogs on the Seed to Spoon App and the art of planting sunflowers from seed. Discover how the innovative Seed to Spoon App transforms your gardening experience by simplifying plant care, and then dive into the golden rays of knowledge with our guide on nurturing sunflowers. Both seasoned gardeners and newcomers will find valuable tips and tricks to enhance their green spaces. Let's cultivate a connection between technology and nature, and watch your garden flourish with vibrancy and life.

Product Details

Genus Helianthus
Species annuus
Variety Van Gogh Mix
Product Classification Annuals, Seeds
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Bloom Season Start Early Summer
Bloom Season End Late Summer
Bloom Color Mix
Max Bloom Size 10.00
Habit Upright
Characteristics Bird Lovers, Direct Sow, Easy Care Plants, Flower
Uses Border, Cut Flowers, Ornamental, Outdoor

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Customer Reviews

Van Gogh Sunflowers
Review by Shannon
loved it enough the first time to buy several packets of seeds to grow again; only this time, a squirrel neatly packed them away for winter storage & I didn't find them until it was too late; the following spring I was greeted with sunflower sprouts that were growing in tight clusters & I was unable to tease them apart to grow to maturity. The first time I grew them, the whole garden was breath taking !

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