Zydeco™ White Zinnia Seeds

Zydeco™ White Zinnia Seeds

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Extra Large, Fully Double Blooms | Excellent Disease Resistance
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Description / Zydeco™ White Zinnia Seeds

Days to Maturity: 77

Zydeco™ White Zinnia, a Zinnia marylandica cultivar, captivates from early summer to the first frost, offering a season-long display of extraordinarily large and fully double flowers. Each flower is a masterpiece of nature, set singly at the end of branches, creating a nectar-rich haven for butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and other vital pollinators. The dazzling, dahlia-like blooms not only serve as brilliant additions to bouquets and salads but also stand out as everlastings in your garden.

Distinguished by its bushier and more compact form than many other zinnias, Zydeco White boasts an upright, mounding habit that accelerates quickly. This trait makes it particularly striking when grouped or massed in beds, borders, and patio pots, where it forms a radiant mound of pure white. The vivid white zinnias contrast beautifully against the green foliage, drawing the eye and adding depth to your garden's palette.

Growing Zydeco White Zinnias is an endeavor suited for gardeners of all levels, thanks to their minimal maintenance requirements and robust nature. Thriving best in sunny spots with rich, humusy, evenly moist, well-drained soil, these white zinnias demand little but give back much in terms of visual appeal and garden health. Early pinching of young plants encourages a denser, more bushy growth, enhancing the plant's visual impact and flower production.

Furthermore, the practice of deadheading spent flowers not only prolongs the blooming period but also ensures that your garden remains a hub of activity and color until the first chill of winter. Heat and drought tolerance, coupled with resistance to deer and disease, make Zydeco White an ideal choice for gardeners looking for beauty without the hassle.

To avoid transplant shock and ensure a seamless transition from seed to garden, it's recommended to start seeds indoors and ensure plants are not root-bound before planting out. Proper plant spacing is crucial to allow for strong branching and maximum airflow, reducing the risk of disease. The result is a garden adorned with white zinnias that boast an exceptional vase life, making them perfect cut flowers for any occasion.

Embrace the vibrant world of zinnias with our expert guidance. Dive deeper into mastering the art of growing these colorful marvels with our insightful blogs: Growing Zinnias: A Guide to Planting, Growing and Caring for Zinnias and How to Grow Zinnia Flowers from Seeds. Uncover tips, tricks, and everything you need to transform your garden into a zinnia paradise, ensuring a burst of joy with every bloom. Let's grow something beautiful together.

Product Details

Genus Zinnia
Species marylandica
Variety Zydeco™ White
Product Classification Annuals, Seeds
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Bloom Color White
Foliage Color Medium Green
Resistance Drought Tolerant, Heat Tolerant
Characteristics Flower
Uses Outdoor

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