Park Seed Tomato Cages

Park Seed Tomato Cages

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Easy & durable support for tomato plants, heavy-bearing fruits, and climbing vegetables
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Enhance the productivity and health of your garden with Park Seed's top-of-the-line tomato cages. These sturdy supports are meticulously crafted from 8-gauge galvanized wire, promising durability and longevity that lasts a lifetime. Designed to offer 360 degrees of unwavering support, these tomato cages are the backbone your fruit-laden branches need to thrive. Whether you're nurturing tall, vining, indeterminate tomato varieties or managing a diverse garden, these cages are engineered to secure branches, preventing the risk of damage and supporting an abundant harvest.

Our heavy-duty tomato cages are not only perfect for tomatoes but also provide exceptional support for peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, and other plants bearing heavy fruits and climbing vegetables. The versatility and strength of these cages make them a must-have for gardeners looking to boost their yield and simplify plant care.

Featuring panels that are 14½ inches wide, Park Seed offers tomato cages in two heights: 39 inches and 48 inches. This choice allows you to tailor your garden support to the specific needs of your plants, ensuring optimal growth conditions. The installation process is straightforward, thanks to the tapered point design on each "leg" of the cage. Simply insert the points up to 6 inches deep into the soil around your young plants and watch as they grow to rely on the sturdy structure of the cages, without needing any additional support.

As your garden weathers the seasons, rest assured that Park Seed Tomato Cages are built to withstand winds, rain, and the elements, ensuring your plants remain secure and supported. Post-harvest, cleaning these cages is effortless—just hose them down and fold them for compact, easy storage. Ready to be used year after year, these cages are a sustainable choice for eco-conscious gardeners.

Embrace the difference that reliable support can make in your garden. Park Seed Tomato Cages not only aid in growing tomatoes but also in nurturing a wide variety of plants to their fullest potential. With these cages, your garden will be a testament to what sturdy, thoughtful support can achieve—healthier plants, more abundant yields, and a more manageable gardening experience.

Invest in Park Seed Tomato Cages today and transform the way you grow tomatoes and other heavy-bearing plants. Your garden deserves the best support available—ensure its success with Park Seed.

06883-PK-3 contains 39" high x 14½" wide panels
32236-PK-3 contains 48" high x 14½" wide panels

NOTE: Always use caution when handling metal cages as some edges may be sharp

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Characteristics Made in USA, Plant Supports, Tomato aids
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