Park Seed Fundraising Program: Cultivating Success for Your Organization

Grow your success with Park Seed's Fundraising Program – an extraordinary opportunity for your organization to thrive financially while sharing the joy of gardening with your supporters. Because of our diverse seed collections, your fans are sure to find something they've been wanting to grow. In addition to supporting your organization, they'll enjoy the high-quality seeds which make growing more successful for gardeners of every ability level.

Advance Your Cause

By partnering with Park Seed for your fundraising needs, you're not just offering seeds; you're providing top-quality, thoughtful collections that make growing fun: a feeling that will extend to your organization and ensure more orders next fundraising season.

Discover Our Six Unique Seed Collections

How does it work?

  • Our team will discuss your organization's needs to tailor the program accordingly.
  • We'll provide a cost and can help you determine pricing for your customers based on your fundraising needs, determine the sales period, and provide essential documents to kickstart your journey.
  • Complete the Intake Form and submit your organization's tax-exempt form (if applicable).
  • Utilize our sell sheet to empower your group in driving sales.
  • Wrap up by consolidating your team's sales data and sharing it with us at
  • Seeds will ship once the payment is received and processed.

Additional Details:

  • Non-tax-exempt orders subject to standard tax rates.
  • A flat shipping rate of $10 for each order.
  • Conveniently receive all seeds at a single designated address.
  • Shipments to Colorado addresses will be responsible for the CO Retail Delivery charge.

Ready to Get Growing?

Contact us now, and let's plant the seeds of a customized program that perfectly aligns with your objectives. Elevate your cause with the Park Seed Fundraising Program – where nature's finest meets fundraising success.

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