Better Reds® Greenhouse

Better Reds® Greenhouse

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Large enough for up to 7 tomato cages
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Description / Better Reds® Greenhouse

In recent years we've all heard the benefits of red plastic mulch. Something about the color red causes plants to feel as though they're in competition for root space, and as a result they turn on the growth, achieving a larger size, better branching, and earlier flowering and fruiting. Tomatoes and peppers are the most notable of plants affected this way, but others show similar tendencies.

So it was inevitable that someone would realize we don't have to restrict red mulch to the ground. This giant film tube of brightest red is 20 feet long and 28 inches wide, enough to wrap up to 7 standard tomato cages. Just cut it to desired lengths, tie off one end, and slip it over your growing plants in early spring. It not only stimulates growth, it protects against frost, hard rain, and pests.

Better Reds® is nothing short of a flexible, reusable greenhouse. It is ultra-durable yet lightweight, with ventilation holes. It's easy to handle. And it holds in heat during the day, releasing it at night—another big advantage for chilly spring weather. It admits light, giving plants all the benefits of the garden without its early-season hazards.

You will love growing tomatoes in the Better Reds® Greenhouse. They simply take off, and by the time the warm weather arrives for good and you remove the film, you've got plants that look much more mature than they really are. Big crops follow.

After use, simply untie the film cover, rinse it clean with the hose, let it air dry, and store it flat for next season. You'll get a lot of use out of Better Reds®, and no tomato aid is easier or more effective.

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Color/Option Red
Product Classification Accessories
Characteristics Greenhouses, Season Extenders, Seedling Protection, Tomato aids
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