Bonide Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap

Bonide Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap

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Description / Bonide Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap

Bonide Japanese Beetle Trap is a complete kit that includes one trap, one dual lure, and two collection bags. The trap lures Japanese Beetles into the collection bag which corrals them securely. Using a long lasting dual floral and pheromone scent to attract them, this kit is designed for residential use. The bag easily hooks to vane slots that dispense the attractant. A hanger loop makes the Japanese Beetle trap easy to place. Hang traps from a metal or wooden stake three to five feet above the ground and at least eight to 25 feet downwind from the plant you are protecting. The trap should be located downwind of the foliage to intercept the beetles heading toward it. Do not place the trap near or in the foliage as it will attract more beetles.

Traps can be used all season long. Replace the bag when full or when the pheromone scent has depleted. Complete trap kits are irresistible to Japanese Beetles. The hourglass-shaped disposable collection bag ensures that the beetles have been securely trapped. Once the bug is in the trap, it's not escaping. Just one long-lasting Japanese Beetle Trap can protect 5000 square feet during an infestation period.

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