Park Seed Sprouting Seeds Collection

Park Seed Sprouting Seeds Collection
Park Seed Sprouting Seeds Collection

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Description / Park Seed Sprouting Seeds Collection

Sprouts are so nutritious, easy to grow, quick to harvest, and crunchy-delicious! Why not try all 4 of our premium varieties in your salads, sandwiches, and stir-fries this season?

This economical collection gives you one packet of each variety (4 in all) for the best-tasting, most varied sprout harvest you could imagine. You will love having these nutrition-packed veggies at your fingertips each morning, so you can quickly toss them onto salads and sandwiches in packed lunches. It's easy to add nutrition, texture, and flavor to any dish with these super-fresh, delectable treats.

And sprouting the seeds is so easy. You can use a sprouter, such as our favorite the Easy Sprout, or construct your own sprouting medium from a glass jar and a bit of water. There's nothing to it—and your "crop" is ready in days. Start a few new sprouts every day for a continuous feast year-round.

Park Seed Sprouting Seeds Collection Includes:

Sprouting Watercress (3,200 seeds)
Alfalfa Sprouting (10,000 seeds)
Broccoli Sprouting (3,000 seeds)
Mung Bean Sprouting (700 seeds)

At Park Seed, we take pride in curating a unique selection of premium seeds. To maintain a constant supply of the freshest and highest-quality seeds, we may occasionally substitute different varieties in our collections. Don't worry, each substitution is carefully chosen to complement the original selection, ensuring a diverse and exciting array of flavors and textures.

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Great plants, outstanding catalogs--both in printed matter as well as website. My great uncle in the 40's, 50's, grew alfalfa seeds for them. Thanks!

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